Dream of Being Ignored By Ex (Interpretation and Meaning)

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Dreams can cause freight or give hope, depending on the message it carries.

When you dream of being ignored by your ex it can mean a lack of help, and it can also mean an opportunity for an upgrade.

This dream can also be interpreted as a sign for you to move on in life and stop holding on to your past.

Either way, you want to make sure that your interpretation of such dreams considers all that is happening around you at the moment.

In this article, we shall talk about what this dream really means and what to do when you dream of being ignored by an ex lover.

Meaning of Dreaming of Being Ignored By Ex

Here are some of the meanings of a dream about being ignored by your ex.


This dream can mean that in your time of need, you will find yourself surrounded by people you have hurt in the past or people who have hurt you.

This dream is meant to prepare you for when things become hard in a not-so-long future time.

An ex-lover in a dream can represent people you have bad blood with or people you are not on good terms with.

This dream refers to your relationship but not necessarily limited to your relationship with your lover, it also refers to relationships with family and friends.

If you have such a dream then this is time reminding that you should start building good and healthy relationships around yourself so that in times of need you will not be helpless

Time to move on

When you have a dream of being ignored by an ex or someone you loved in the past it can be a sign that it is time to move on with your life.

Sometimes after a breakup or being separated from someone we care so much about, we tend to hold on to that feeling that keeps us attached to the people we love.

This feeling sometimes influences our dreams and you may end up dreaming about your ex ignoring you or even having an argument in your dream.

In all, this dream is here to remind you about the need to move on and let go of past unhealthy connections you may have built with your ex.

Payback time

Seeing an ex ignore you in a dream can mean “Payback”.

Sometimes when you have such dreams, it is a sign that is in the right place to pay back all the neglect that you have been bearing over the years of your relationship.

A dream of your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend ignoring you is a call to action, this means that you should stop allowing people to take advantage of your kindness.

Stand up for yourself and be the strong person you are meant to be, know your value, know your worth.

Such dreams serve as a reminder of what will happen if you don’t learn to stand and represent yourself.

Opportunity For Growth

When your ex ignores you in a dream it can mean an opportunity for growth.

This dream is telling you that the people you rely on may not always be there. Friends can become foes tomorrow and foes can become friends.

Nothing is certain, and this will push you to see the need to develop yourself to a point where you have very less dependency.

This dream is a warning about the hardship that is set to come in the future if you do not develop and grow your value.

Reason Why You Dream of Being Ignored by Your Ex or Someone You Loved

The reason why you dream of being ignored by your ex or someone you loved is that your soul is trying to show you the level of dependency you have on the people in your life, loved ones, and ex.

You see this dream because your soul is expressing the pain of helplessness that you feel.

The good thing about this dream is that it is a call to action, a call for you to get up and be your own person.

It is okay to depend on people, but too much dependency will cause you to be as toxic as allowing your feelings for your ex to cause you pain.

This is the point where your spirit starts to see the need to show you the reality of your relationship in your dreams.

What does it mean when an ex appears in your dream?

When an ex appears in your dream, it means two things.

  1. You are about to rekindle what you have lost with a lost partner, and in no time he or she will reach out to you for the same purpose.
  2. You are still struggling to let go of how you feel about an ex-partner and this has linked your relationship to your ex, so much that you have lost yourself.

It is not always a good thing to see your ex in your dream, and it is even worst when they neglect, ignores, or argue with you in that particular dream.

You need to know when to let go, and seek help if you feel the need to.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Rejection by Your Ex?

When you dream about rejection by your ex it is a sign that there you ex has been positioned along your path to help you, but your past relationship has been the hold-up.

If you have this type of dream, then it is important that you reach out to your ex and find out what the problem could be.

It is important that you end things in peace. Anyone could be your helper in life, even your ex lover, so this is why you should not shut the door on anyone.

If you are moving on from your ex, be sure to check and end things in peace.

If there is still a bad feeling existing between you and your ex girlfriend or boyfriend, then reach out to them, apologies, and make peace.

So that your bad relationship will not hinder your progress in life.

What Does it Mean to be Ignored in a Dream?

Being Ignored in a dream is not such a good thing, it means that you are currently doing things that are causing people to separate from you.

Being Ignored or being neglected in a dream is your soul’s way of telling you that your attitude needs to be checked.

This dream also signifies that the is a coming hardship that will require you to need the help of people around you.

It is important that you take this dream seriously.


A dream of being ignored by your ex can cause you to be curious, but all you need to know is that it is meant to prepare you for times when no one will be there to help you.

Try to make early plans and start saving for your future.

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