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Dreams can be weird sometimes, but they are truly the best ways we receive messages from our souls.

When you dream of being Ignored by your family it can mean that you will face difficulty in life and you will be disappointed when the people you thought will be there for you fail you.

This is not the only meaning of this dream, so in this article, we will look at what it really means to dream of being ignored by your family or family members.

We will also talk about the “meanings of a dream about family ignoring you”, how this dream may affect us, and what we can do about it.

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8 Meaning Of Dreams of Being Ignored by Family

What does it mean when you dream about your family ignoring you?

Well here are 8 meanings of Dreams of being Ignored by family.

1. You will Face Disappointment

When you dream that you got ignored by your family or family members it can mean that you are about to face a disappointing time in your life.

This dream may just be a sign to prepare for the coming tough time. 

This disappointment may happen as a result of your dependence on your family to help you achieve a particular goal or target.

But at the time you were hoping you could go to them for help, they either already supported someone else for the same target you have, or they are just not interested in your intentions and they want something different for you.

This can often be a huge disappointing period and your dream is trying to prepare you for such times and remind you to have other options in life aside from family.

2. You will Experience Failure

Dreaming about a family member ignoring you can be a sign that you are about to experience failure in your endeavor to make your family proud of you.

This failure may happen in your school, work, marriage, and other affairs that you engage in that have a direct or indirect effect on your family.

When you fail in that particular endeavor, your family will look at you as a person that did not live up to their expectations.

This is once again a time when your soul is trying to prepare you for the worst so you can either sit up or at least find an early solution.

There Will Be A Fight In Your Family

This dream can mean that there will be a fight in your family. Sometimes disagreement can come from anywhere and anyone.

You are having this type of dream because the coming family fight has a direct effect on your future.

It is okay to try and avoid such family fights, but if this dream is a result of a fight that is about to happen, then there is little or nothing you can do to fix it.

Your best bet will be to talk to your family or family members about this so that you have them supporting you if ever a fight breaks out.

You Will Be Left Alone

When you dream about a family member ignoring you, it means that a time will come in the future when you will be left alone or abandoned by your family.

You see this dream because the coming event that will lead to your family abandoning you is going to be a significant period in your life.

There are so many reasons why family members abandon their own.

The most common reason is disagreement in a particular family issue.

This dream is to prepare you for such a time. If you already have that disagreement in your family, then maybe you should try and find a way around it. 

You Will go Against Your Family’s Decision

When you have dreams of being Ignored by your family it can mean that a time will come when you will go against your family’s decision regarding where they want you to be, or what they want you to do.

Yes, this usually refers to a future event but can also be pointing at what you are already going through.

There are so many things that can make a person go against their family’s wishes and decisions.

Some of those decisions can be about marriage or marriage issues, education, career, choice of living location, family property ownership, and so much more.

Someone Will Come To Separate You From Your Family

When you have this dream it can mean that someone will come to separate you from your family.

This dream may be your soul trying to warn you about the people you let into your circle and the damage they can cause.

Such people usually are the types of people you will never see coming, and this is why your dream is trying to register this in your subconscious.

Although this dream can also be trying to tell you that there is a separation coming to free you from the grip of your family member.

If this is the case, then it is indeed a good dream to let you know that freedom is almost here.

You Will Be Blamed For A Crime You Didn’t Commit

When you see your family ignore you in a dream it can mean that a time will come when you will be blamed for a crime you didn’t commit.

This dream can be a warning to keep you on your toes and watchful of the types of activities you engage in that are related to your family.

Such dreams are warning dreams to keep you from paying for a crime you didn’t commit.

What you need to do is not run away from your family, rather you should ensure that you have a witness with you every time you have dealing with your family or individual family members.

When you go for a visitation, take your friend, your wife, or another member of your family along.

You Will Suffer Family Betrayal 

When you have a dream about your family ignoring you it can mean that you will suffer a betrayal from your family and you won’t see it coming.

Betrayal from family is not a new event in life, it is common and leaves a great effect on a person’s future, this is the reason your dream is trying to prepare you.

You may never know where this betrayal may come from, it could be a simple breach of agreement, or it could be a lie against you.

This may already be happening and you don’t even know it, but the fact that you see it in your dream means that you can actually do something about it.

So, the first thing you should do is tell someone about it, especially some of your family members.

This way when the dream becomes a reality, you already have people watching your back.

What does it mean when family shows up in your dream?

When your family shows up or appears in your dream it can mean that a significant event is about to happen that will influence your relationship with your family members.

This dream can also just be another meaningless dream, but it is better safe than sorry.

Do not keep it to yourself, share the dream with others so you have witnessed.

How to deal with being ignored by family in a dream 

When you dream of being ignored by your family you should not panic and react due to just one interpretation.

First, look through the different evidence you have, ask people around you, and then talk to your family about it.

By the time you take these steps, you will have enough information to know what to avoid and what to do if this dream starts becoming a reality.


Although dreams are our soul’s way of communicating with us, it is important that you get the right interpretation for your dreams before jumping to conclusions.

A dream of being Ignored by family members is a good preparatory sign and although it has a different meaning, it is okay to get that warning first.


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