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Kate (Blissfull Heart)

My name is Kate and I love dogs, I think puppies are the cutest. At first, I didn’t see myself setting up a blog about pets, but during a christmas break with my family, I spoke a lot with one of my uncles, he is a vet.

After a long talk, he suggested that I take my knowledge and share it with other dog lovers that will really benefit and get help from it all.

So I got a couple of friends who are dog lovers too, and we made it happen, and now I am thankful to be part of something so beautiful.

Here is a little story about – Our Website is an Amazing dog blog with a focus on creating the most healthy lifestyle for our cute little companion. we make it our priority to teach other dog lovers about the best ways to keep our fluffy friends in good shape, healthy and strong.

If you are searching for amazing and best honest advice on puppy food, raising, intelligent training, dog product reviews, specific dog food for sensitive stomachs, and a lot more,
Go ahead and bookmark this page and get the latest unbiased and absolutely trustworthy information as soon as we publish them for top-quality dog care.

If you have any questions, please feel free to please contact us ( by clicking this >>>>Contact us.