Top 10 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming About Your Ex Kissing You

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When you have dreams about kissing your ex in a dream it could mean that you still have unresolved emotions toward your past relationship.

This dream is also a sign that a connection still exists between you and your ex.

Do not be alarmed when you get such dreams, at least, until you find out what it truly means

Here are 10 spiritual meanings of dreaming about your ex kissing you.

1. You are still in love with your ex

This kind of dream can spiritually mean that you are still in love with your ex and that even though you are in a breakup, he or she is still in your heart.

Often our dreams are a reflection of our true emotions. Love is a strong emotion, and breaking up makes love to be even more intense.

It is easy for your feeling to flow through your dreams, to reveal your true reality, and to help you understand what you really feel.

2. You are still in pain from break up

This dream can mean that we haven’t really let go of the pain of losing a relationship.

When you hold on to the intimacy you shared with your ex it will cause you to feel their presence, even in your dream.

Breakups are hard and our dreams are sometimes an expression of how we feel.

If this is unhealthy for you, then perhaps it is time to take some time out for yourself and engage in other activities like career, hobbies, and games to help you through the pain that causes you to have intimate dreams of your ex.

3. You are in a similar situation as your last relationship with your ex

This dream can mean that you are currently in a relationship that will end like the one you had with your ex.

Sometimes our dreams stand as a spiritual warning to keep us alert to our present situation or to help us prevent trouble.

If you see yourself kissing your ex in a dream and you are currently in a relationship with another person, then you should take this dream as a sign and make sure to avoid falling into destructive situations.

4. You are struggling with fear of failed relationship

This dream can mean that you are still in a struggle with the post-traumatic effect of your breakup.

After a breakup, it is normal for you to feel pain physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

You may even see yourself kissing an ex in your dream.

Regardless of what happens in that dream, you must remember that the after-effect of your breakup can be the reason you find yourself kissing or making out with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Your spirit is merely revealing your present state of mind through your dream.

5. You blame yourself for your break up

To kiss your ex boyfriend or girlfriend in dreams can mean that you still blame yourself for what happened in your past relationship.

Because our dreams are sometimes a reflection of our state of mind, this dream can be seen as the struggle you are currently going through.

You may be seeing such dreams because you blame yourself.

Breakups are part of life, and yes, it is okay to let go.

6. You will meet someone new 

Dreaming of making out or smooching with your ex can mean that you are going to meet someone new in the near future.

Again, this goes back to the people whose spiritual side will always show them things before it happens.

Kissing or making love to your ex in a dream is a sign that love is around the corner.

If this is the case with you, you need to make intentional plans about your new incoming relationship to avoid ending up in the same situation as what you experienced with your ex.

7. You want to get back together with your ex

When you want to get back together with your ex, it can cause you to see signs of his or her presence when you sleep.

Dreaming about a romantic situation with your ex is just one of the signs that clearly show that you want to get back together.

If this dream is a warning that you are heading back into a toxic relationship, then it is advisable to be careful not to let that toxicity become the case.

8. You still haven’t Let go of the relationship with your ex

Holding on to a past relationship can be normal for people who have unfinished business with their ex.

It is normal for you to actually find yourself in a kissing dream that involves your ex.

This may continue being the case until you let go of the past and age in activities or at least get into a new and healthy relationship.

9. You are ready to get back into a new relationship

This dream can mean that you are ready to go out there once again.

Relationships are fun, and staying single for too long in the world of today can be so hard.

This is because we constantly see people in a relationship everywhere we look, on the road, on tv channels, etc.

This can sometimes cause us to see the need to go into relationships, and the more we keep staying away, the more the urge translates into our dreams.

10. You bump into your ex in the near future

This dream can be a spiritual sign that you will bump into your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in the nearest future.

Although this may be a good sign if we still want our ex-lover back, it is also a bad sign if we are heading back into a toxic relationship.

It is important that you make the right decision this time, most times this type of warning can be easily overlooked.

Even though I have overlooked this kind of dream in the past, and paid the price by falling right back into a toxic relationship.

It took me long enough to remember that I had a warning dream about it in the past.


Is it okay to dream about kissing your ex?

Yes, it is okay to dream about kissing your ex-lover, the most important thing is to find out if it is a warning dream or a sign that you will be reunited with your ex.

You will need to pay attention to every detail of that dream and also consider the reason you broke up in the first place.

This information will help you make better choices.

What is the effect of dreaming about your ex kissing you?

When you dream about your ex kissing you you can be affected emotionally when you wake up.

Most times, such dreams can leave you feeling bad when you wake up.

But in some cases, kissing an ex can give you a sign of hope, if you are still single at the time.

Whatever the case may be, be sure to avoid dwelling on the past for too long, make positive plans about the future and you will stop having such dreams.

What Can I Do When I Dream About Kissing Your Ex?

When you have such dreams, do not panic.

Firstly, remember it is just a dream and may mean nothing serious.

Yet you should make sure to talk to your ex-lover to see if he or she is alright.

How Can I Stop Dreaming About Kissing Your Ex?

Getting into a new relationship can help you stop dreaming about kissing your ex.

Just be careful not to jump right back into toxicity.

Final Thoughts

Dreams are God’s gift to mankind, dreaming about kissing your ex can spiritually mean something serious is about to happen in a future time.

It can also mean that something bad is brewing, but either way please be sure that if your ex is a bad influence or bad to your emotion, then please avoid them at this time.


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