What dream of giving money to old woman really mean

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Dreaming of giving money to an old woman can be a strange and weird dream no doubt, but most often such dreams have meanings to them.

When you dream of giving money to an old woman it can mean that you are set to be a helper to the helpless.

It can also mean that you are giving your progress to an ancient spirit represented by an old woman.

Do not jump to any conclusion until you considered some of the things I will list out in this article.

Let’s get started.

What does a dream of giving money to old woman really mean?

This dream have two major meanings. First, it can mean that you have received blessings and prosperity off of the help you rendered to the poor.

It can also mean that you handed your wealth over to an ancient spirit.

Old woman in dream usually referes to an ancient being or an old spirit.

The first meaning is good because it shows that great things are coming your way.

The second meaning is terrible as it shows that you have handed you wealth to an ancient being.

Let’s look at some of the scenarios that this dream can occur.

Giving Money To A Happy Old Woman in the dream

When you give money to an old woman in the dream and she expresses happiness afterwards, it is usually a sign of blessings.

This is meant to make you a helper.

This is especially true if this dream came out of nowhere and you weren’t thinking about it in the past.

A happy old woman will always bring you good things in a dream and in reality, so if you are fortunate to make an old woman happy like that, then you are one of a kind.

Giving Money To An Angry Old Woman in the dream 

When you see yourself giving money to an angry old woman in the dream, this is usually a bad sign.

Angry Old women are never good in dreams or reality.

This kind of dream represents a bad omen, it means that you should be careful about the people close to you.

Angry Old woman are fragile, they represent the people closest to you.

The anger that they express is a sign of hidden hatred and jealousy.

This dream is not all bad luck, because now you know to be careful with how you relate with the people closest to you or in your circle.

Some may smile at you, and yet hold grudges against you in their mind, this is why you see this sign in your dream.

Giving Money To A Sad Old Woman in the dream 

Giving money to a sad old woman in the dream is a sign that you need to look at the people around you and offer help to them, financially or otherwise.

This kind of dream can happen to hint you that someone in your environment needs help.

Giving Money To A Strange Old Woman in the dream 

When you find yourself giving money to a strange old woman, it can mean that someone is about to deceive you.

Strange old women in a dream represent disguise. They are the equivalent of hidden temptations.

When you see a strange old Woman in a dream collecting money from you, 

then you should pray for God’s protection when you wake up.

What does it mean to see an old woman in the dream?

The meaning of such dreams depends on what the old woman was doing when you saw her in your sleep.

Sometimes we could see an old woman laughing, crying, singing, or even giving a message to you.

All this must be considered to help you better understanding what the interpretation really mean.

Generally and old woman in your dream means there is about to be either a positive or a negative change in your life.

And like I said, this depends on what she was doing.

What is the spiritual meaning of giving out money in the dream

The spiritual meaning of giving out money in the dream is that you will come in contact with immense wealth that will reach the people close to you.

It can also mean that you will help someone through a hard time in time to come.

Our soul uses such dream to give us a glimpse into our closes future.

Helping an old woman in dream

When you find yourself helping an old woman in a dream, it is likely that you will meet a stranger that is connected to your future.

This dream vision can also imply that the good things you did for people in the past is coming to be a blessing for you.

Helping people is generally a good sign.

Giving money to a woman in a dream

When you find yourself giving money to a woman in your dream, it is a sign that you are spending too much.

Depending on who the woman is to you and how close she is to you, such dreams can also mean that you need a woman to control your wealth.

Either way, you should watchout for the flow of your income and make early adjustments.

Dreaming of an old lady giving me money

When you dream of an old lady giving you money it can mean that you have found your helper.

And old lady giving you money is a sign of good things to come.

But, when a wretched old lady gives you money in the dream, you must pray against it.

Such a dream means an exchange of good for bad. 

The ancient lady is actually collecting from while she gives you bad in return. 

She is wretched and looking dejected for a reason and this, this means she can not offer you anything good.

Is it good to give someone money in the dream?

It is good and bad to give someone money in the dream? The answer to this is dependent on the scenarios surrounding you in the dream.

But giving the elderly or kids money is a good thing.

It means you will meet your blessings in the nearest future, but you should also remember the less privileged and the poor need you. 

But, giving cash to an old wicked, angry or wretched lady in your dream means trouble, as the won’t give you anything good in return.

What To Do If You Find Yourself Giving An old Woman Money In The Dream

When you give money to an old woman in your sleep, what you should do is, first, write down everything that happened in the dream,

then, compare what you wrote to what I said in this article, this will give you a clue on if this is a good dream or a bad dream.

The safest and most effective thing to do is to pray, pray, pray.


In terms of what a dream of What dream of giving money to old woman really mean, first, you must  try not to judge your dream too early, at least until you gather enough facts.

A wrong interpretation is not such a good thing, and this is why you always follow it up with prayers, regardless of what your interpretation is.

Talk to someone older than you if need be, then, follow your instincts.

I hope you found value in their content.

Tell us about your experience when you had dreamt of giving cash to an old lady.

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