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Dreams about friends are life’s way of communicating the unseen to us. Sometimes in our dreams, we can see and perceive things that are happening around us.

Messages about family and friends are often revealed in dreams also. 

I have had an experience when I dreamt of something happening to a loved one at his workplace and we talked about it. In a few days, he came back to tell me about a promotion he received just like m to dream showed he would.

That is a good news type of dream, but what about the bad news type of dream, like when you see your friend crying in dream?

This is what we will find out in this article so let’s move on.

What is the meaning of Someone crying in a dream?

When someone you know or don’t know is crying in a dream it means that someone somewhere needs attention.

Notice how I said “attention” and not “help” this is because there are so many reasons why someone can be crying in dreams and I will show you some of those reasons.

What is the meaning of friend crying in dream?

A friend crying in a dream means that your friend needs your help or attention, and it also means that an event will happen that will hurt your friend to the point of crying.

This dreams can also mean several things, so, it is good to read through the list of reasons below to help understand some of the scenarios that can make you have such a sad dream.

Some of those reasons include:

Friend Crying Because They Are Sad

Tears are our body’s way of relieving us from sadness and pain. 

If you have a dream of your friend crying it could be because they are sad and something is not going well for them.

If you can tell the face or the voice of the person in your dream that is crying, you should reach out to them and talk to them about your dream, and see how they react to what you say.

That way you know if your dream is valid.

Friend Crying Because They Need Help Out Of Trouble 

When you have this type of dream, it is because that friend is hurting but is finding it difficult to tell you or anyone close to them.

Sometimes before this becomes an event in your dream, your instinct might have hinted to you about the happening but a dream will make it clearer.

Another reason you are having this type of dream is that that friend of yours is located somewhere far fr where you are.

So reach out to them and tell them about it to see what they say.

Dream Of Friend Crying Because They Because Lost Someone

Dreaming of a friend crying because they lost someone is never a good thing, it’s even worst if it is someone close to you.

But before you jump to the conclusion of “lost” as the reason for the crying dream, you should call them up and say “hey here is a dream I had.”

This type of dream can also be a warning, to help prevent a loss.

It could also be a preparatory dream to help prepare your mind for what is about to happen.

Either way, you should talk to the person you saw in the dream. Tell them about it and see where that discussion leads.

Friend Crying Because They Hurt You

Sometimes we don’t know how how to express ourselves. We could be hiding our tears when we hurt.

When you have a dream about a friend crying in a dream because you hurt them, you should try to check yourself to see if there might be something you did that was hurtful to them.

If it is not the case, then this can also be a dream warning you not to do anything to hurt them, as it will bring them a huge pain.

Friend Crying Because You Hurt Them

We might not even know we are hurting the people close to us with our words thoughts or actions. Or maybe we know we hurt them but don’t know how much pain we cause them.

Such dreams put the idea in our head so that when we wake up from our bed we check to see what we are doing that could cause hurt to our friends or loved ones.

Friend Crying Because Someone else is hurting them

You can also be having this dream because someone else is hurting your friend and they can’t reach you due to distance, fear or many other reasons.

You should try reaching out to them to see if the dream is real, and if it is real, see what you can do to help.

Dreaming you cry

You can be dreaming you cry because of all the sadness you carry in reality and that can cause you to sleep and have such dreams.

Dream of hearing someone cry

When you dream of hearing someone cry, it can mean a variety of things. This can mean tears are coming your way and they might likely be from the people around you.

This can also mean that you are hurting someone unknowingly and you should try and check to see if this is the case. This can also mean that someone around you needs your help to assist them through a tough time.

In all, you should look around you, your family, your friends and even just your neighbours.

Dream of making someone cry

When you dream of making someone cry, this can mean that you are hurting someone you know or it can be someone who is not even aware that you are hurting.

It is our spirit’s way of saying, watch out for people you make sad.

Dream about a crying child

A dream about a crying child symbolizes two major things.

First, it means the birth of a newborn baby, which means you or someone close to you is about to have a child.

It also can mean the pain a child is going through, if you find yourself dreaming of a crying baby you should pay attention to your environment to see if you can lend help to any child close or far from you.

Dreaming of seeing relatives cry

When you are dreaming of seeing relatives cry it simply means that the particular relative needs your help overcoming pain.

It can also mean that this pain hasn’t happened yet, and you can talk to them to try and prevent the event that can cause such a person to cry or feel depressed.

Dream of crying with joy

A dream of crying with joy means that the person in that dream is about to acquire something they have been waiting for.

This type of dream is usually good news, as a cry for joy is a sign that a breakthrough is on the way. You should pray that the person stays in line to receive what is coming.

Dream about ex friend crying

When you dream about ex friend crying, it might be that your connection to that friend is strong enough to call on you when that friend needs help.

It is usually a cry for help and it can also be a cry because they are sorry for what they did to you. But whatever the case may be, you should contact them.

Lover crying in dream meaning

If you dream of a lover crying in a dream it simply means that your lover is going to meet a certain sad situation in the future.

It also so means you should check on them perhaps it is a situation that can be avoided. It can also be a sign of a breakup waiting to happen.

Or that you and your lover are about to start facing relationship issues.

Check out a more informative article about why your lover or ex lover is crying in a dream and what it means.

Calling out for someone in a dream

When you are calling out to someone in a dream is probably because during the day you were thinking about that person. It is usually the case if you are missing someone, like your loved one or a family member.

This dream can also be a call to check on someone and make sure they are okay, so take time to check on the person you saw in that dream.

Dreaming of comforting someone crying

When you are dreaming of comforting someone it means that you should call that person and check up on them, they are probably in a bad place and could use your help. 

But if that is not the case, then you should call them and tell them to be careful not to fall into a situation that will put them into trouble.

Screaming in dream meaning

When you find yourself screaming in a dream it means you are supposed to avoid incoming danger. Screaming depicts an inability to move. 

Screaming in a dream tells you to be alert about anything that will hold you back from moving and you end up letting out a scream to get help.

Dreaming of someone screaming for help

When you dream of someone screaming for help it means that that person is in trouble or will be in trouble soon.

You should try to call that person or at least go visit them. If that dream hasn’t become a reality yet, then tell them about it and let them be aware of whatever might come in the future to put them in that situation.

Is crying in dream good?

Crying in a dream is not a good thing, because cry is our body’s way of expressing the pain of loss or pain from external objects and force also crying can be due to fear, the two of which are sad emotions.

Sometimes you wake up from your bed with that cry and are not aware of why you even crying. If this is the case, it is important to pray and take steps to avoid losing things that are close to us.

It is also important to avoid people that will hurt us to the point of crying.


Crying in a dream is usually a sign of something painful to come. Dreams can be used to communicate hidden messages to us, we must take heed and pray against things that will make us cry.

When we see a friend crying in a dream, it is safe to say that we are supposed to reach out to them and tell them about it, so that they can take heed and avoid any future incidents that can cause them or our pain.

I hope you found value in this content, please feel free to reach us with more dream topics you will want us to cover.

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