Lover Crying in Dream: Meaning And Interpretation

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Dreams about our lover or partner can mean a lot more than what we think, in this article intend to share some of the hidden meaning of such dreams, especially about a lover crying in a dream.

A dream is our soul’s way of communicating the unseen and unknown to us, when we pay attention to our dreams we tend to learn about some of the hidden things that we ordinarily can not see.

This is why I urge my readers to pay attention to all their dreams.

Note: Not all dreams have significant meaning, some can be because we are just too tired, depressed or hear voices while we sleep.

Yes, those things can influence what we dream about, but any dream that shows up out of the blue and doesn’t have anything to do with the above-mentioned influencers most often have very significant meaning.

So, let us look at the meaning of a lover crying in a dream.

What Does It Mean When Your Lover Is Cry In A Dream

When your lover is crying in a dream it means that he is seeking your attention on a serious issue that exists in your relationship or an issue that has happened in the past or is about to happen in the future.

What Are The Causes Of A Lover Crying In A Dream

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Here is a breakdown of the reasons why you see your spouse or lover crying in a dream:

Lover Crying In Dream Because He is Sad

When you are dreaming about you your lover crying in a dream it can be because your lover or spouse is sad in reality and you are not even aware of it.

Sometimes our loved ones try to hide their depression from us to avoid entangling us in situations they don’t want us to be in.

But because you have a strong spirit and a sharp intuition you are able to have such dreams to help you see and understand the need to talk to your lover and find out if that dream is true.

Lover Crying In Dream Because You Hurt Him or Her

When you are dreaming of your lover Crying it could be because you are hurting them by the things you do or say and they don’t know how to tell you exactly what they are hurt. 

For the most, part these realities are right in front of our eyes but we are usually too occupied to see them, so our spirit tends to bring it into our dreams and help us understand that there is trouble and we need to settle it. 

Lover Crying In Dream Because She or He Hurt You

If you have dreams about your lover crying in a dream because they hurt you then this is a sign that they feel bad about what they did.

This is especially true if you haven’t been thinking about anything that could influence you to see such dreams, for example, constantly thinking about what they did to you that you didn’t like, or constantly thinking about how to hurt them back.

This type of thought can make you have such dreams, but if you haven’t been having those thoughts and this dream shows up, then it is worth talking to your lover about.

He might be hurting because he did you wrong and would want to fix things.

Lover Crying In Dream Because He or She Wants To End The Relationship

If you have scenarios where your lover cries in your dreams then this could symbolize that they want to end the relationship, or they are thinking about ending the relationship and you don’t even know about it.

This can be because they are feeling toxic, or they have a history that has come back to affect them, this can also be because they did you wrong and would rather end things.

You need to reach out to them about this dream and find out if they feel any type of way about your relationship with them.

If so you want to start dealing with it early as such dreams can be a warning of things to come.

Lover Crying In Dream Because He or She Is About To Loose Someone In The Future

Dreaming about a boyfriend or girlfriend crying can also be a warning that they are about to lose someone close to them in the future and although they are not aware, your dream is showing you what is to come.

In such a dream, you somehow know why your sweetheart is crying, and if this is the case then it is important that you talk to your partner or loved one about it.

This dream can be a warning to help prevent an unfortunate scenario.

I have had such dreams in the past but about a family member, we talked about it and we prayed over it, then in a few days an incident happened just like in my dream but nothing serious happened.

This could be because we were prepared and took spiritual precautions to be safe.

Lover Crying In Dream Because He or She Is About To Lose An Opportunity In Life

When you dream about a lover crying this can be because they are about to lose a life-changing opportunity or something close to them.

This type of warning dream is life’s way of helping us prevent loss of opportunity and property.

This can also be an indication that your lover is already dealing with a loss and needs your attention.

Try to Find out where they are and see how you can help console them if they even already happened, or talk to them about your dream to put steps in place and prevent loss of opportunities or properties.

What Does It Mean When Your Ex Boyfriend Or Ex Girlfriend is Crying in Dream

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When your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend is crying in a dream, this can mean that they regret hurting you and leaving you. It also can be an indication that they are currently in a toxic relationship where ever they are currently.

If you have such a dream then you might want to reach out to them and see if there is something you can do to help them.

But tell them the dream first and see how they react. This can help you know what the actual situation is and what your dream was really trying to tell you.

What Does It Mean When You Are Crying In The Dream For Your Lover

When you are crying in the dream for your lover it means that the pain is coming or that you are already in overwhelming pain.

This pain can be because your lover hurt you, you are about to break up, or that your lover is about to loos something or someone, or he or she is about to cheat on you.

Do not jump to any conclusion, as this can also be something you are causing for yourself. 

Firstly, talk to your lover about this dream and see if it is something that hasn’t happened already and can be prevented or if it is something that `has happened and needs to be resolved early before it becomes a real thing.

What To Do If You See Your Lover Or Partner Cry In Dream

If you see your lover crying in the dream, here are things you can do

  • Try to remember if there is anything in the dream that can tell you why he or she is crying, in most of our dreams we can hear words and see objects that can give us clues.
  • Tell your lover about the dream and pay attention to what he says
  • Do not rush to a conclusion because this can be a sign of an existing event or something to come in the future
  • You and your lover should take early steps to prevent the dream if it is a future event, but if it is already happening then you can also take steps to limit negative impact.

What is The Spiritual Meaning of Lover Crying in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of lover crying in a dream is that your spirit and your lover’s spirit have a complete synchronisation so that what he or she feels, you will likely start feeling.

It also means that you have taken the position of a guardian angel for your spouse or lover to see things before they even happen and prevent it early.


A lover crying in dream might not be a good sign but the fact that it is a sign is a good thing because it can only happen to a pure spirit.

You see this kind of dream because your intuition and discernment is strong and also because you are true to your lover.

Now take steps to see what you can do about this type of warning dream.

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If you found value in this content please leave us a comment about your dream experience. Tell us what other dream topic you would like us to cover.


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