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Amazing Raw Diet That Your Dog Needs

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There are still some people that don’t think there is such a thing as a raw diet for dogs, and there is also a category of people that will like to know if there is a special kind of homemade diet that is good for home feeding dogs.

I get some of these questions from my friends and fellow dog owners all the time. Some of them still believe that all homemade raw diets are good for all kinds of dogs and this is not totally true.

So, I decided to use this article in answering some of the questions.

There is a specific diet for dogs with all kinds of conditions like weight loss, kidney problem, digestive problem, and others, and if you don’t find out what works for your particular breed of dog, then you might just be feeding them food that can do more harm than good to their system.

Raw dog food is not the answer to all problems, but it goes a long way to support the body during a crisis, and it can also be a prevention method, most importantly it is the best type of food a dog can have in comparison to other types of food like kibble.

If you are a beginner in dog feeding and trying to know what is good for your dog to eat, I still advise that you do a little reading and talk to some of the people you know that have dogs, and also practice raw diet feeding for their pets.

Here Are Some Things To Know About Raw Dog Food

Not all raw diet fits all dogs, let say, for example, you have a dog that is allergic to a certain kind of meal, it is important that you try to find out *what raw diet is best for dogs with allergies*.

The whole thing is about uncooked or raw food. However, it’s more than just raw ingredients. It is also about making a deliberate decision on the feeding structure you want for your dogs, and how you want to achieve it.

Dogs are carnivorous animals by nature, their carnivorous system is able to digest meat and bones, and there are people that think this is the basis of raw feeding, but that’s not really true, there are other things that are also in the list of raw food your dog can eat at home.

A canine ancestral feeding style is to hunt for meat like their ancestors the wolf, but given that dogs are more of domestic animals in comparison to wolves there is no doubt that they can also partake and even benefit from some of the homecooked food that man eats.

For a raw food to be a complete diet, it has to have the necessary nutrients, this includes protein, carbohydrates, magnesium, calcium, iron, and more. Some raw dog diets that can give you this nutrient are, meat, bones, vegetables, and fruits.

Always ensure that whatever raw diet routine you decide to place your dog is a complete balanced diet, discuss your raw diet choice with your nutritionist. The result will be a healthy, strong, fine coat dog.

An unbalanced diet can cause malnutrition and make the dog slim and look sick and unenthusiastic to play.

Short History Of Commercial Dog Diet

Normally dogs have always been fed real meat (flesh) until a man named James Spratt thought about the idea of having the best convenient food for pets that would be accepted and appealing to the market, then he made the first commercial dry food for dogs.

And since the day James came up with this idea, the traditional feeding method which involves hunting and killing has slowly drifted away.

Types of Raw Diet For Dogs

  • Home-made raw diets (Cooked at home)
  • Commercial raw diets (Bought from any other source)

Let’s Talk About This Food Type

  • Home-made raw diet is a type of raw or fairly cooked diet that consists of uncooked diet made up of raw meat and bones, with some added meat, bone, fish, fruits, and vegetables. This type of diet contains original natural. fruits, veggies, fruits, grains, etc. Which you might say is a complete or balanced diet, but if not arranged properly to meet the specific dog requirement could still cause problems like nutrition overdose.

  • Commercial raw diets are mostly fresh or iced (frozen), commercial diet is any ready-made dog meal you have to buy outside the house, for example, if you go to the market to buy raw and uncooked flesh like liver, chicken, turkey, intestine, and so on directly from a meat retailer or butcher, this is not a commercial diet, but if you buy a kibble or any ready-made meal that is packaged specifically for dogs, then you have successfully bought a commercial diet. Kibble is a perfect example of a commercial diet, though it is said to be a complete balance diet package for dogs it is still just a commercial diet.

There are some that believe raw meals present the risk of bacteria infection, but the truth is that, from the beginning of time, dogs have a stomach made specially to fight bacteria without stress, this is why their ancestors fed on dead animals and still stayed healthy.

So, if you have already taken factors to consider and you still feel ready to make the change I will suggest you read the next content carefully 

What Makes a Good & Bad Raw Dog Food?

Raw dog food is a type of pet food consisting of meat and vegetables that have not been processed or cooked.

Raw dog food can be a healthier alternative to processed dog foods because it contains fewer preservatives and additives.

What’s more, it can be more natural for your canine as they can’t process the ingredients as well as humans, do, so they get all the nutrients from the raw meat and vegetables.

This produces a much less stressful digestive system for your canine, which means that they will have fewer stomach problems.

In addition, they may have better breath from the fresher food being consumed since there is no processed garbage left behind in their mouth.

We can see that there are many advantages of raw dog food for your canine.

1) Most importantly, it’s great for the dog’s immune system.

2) It’s full of essential nutrients and minerals.

3) Research also suggests that switching to a raw diet can make your dog healthier in many ways.

What Are The Best Ingredients In Raw Food For Dogs?

Ingredients that are not good for dogs are meat, bones, or any type of cooked food.

There are many good ingredients that are good for dogs to eat, But the most basic ones are fruits and vegetables.

Raw food is better because it is natural and has more vitamins.

It is important to give your dog raw food because they need the natural original nutrients that come with it to stay healthy.

What are the Benefits of Raw Pet Foods

Raw pet foods are not cooked, they are 100% natural and this is what gives them some of the benefits they offer.

-Proteins: There is more protein in raw pet food than there is in cooked pet food – you can expect to see as much as 25% more protein.

-Nutrients: Raw food often has a higher concentration of nutrients because cooking can reduce the nutrient density of certain foods. This means that your pets will get the right kind and amount of nutrients that their body needs.

-Live enzymes: Raw foods tend to have live enzymes which help your pets digest their food properly and also provide a higher level of nutrition than cooked pet foods.

-Healthier for teeth: The chewing on raw bones helps improve oral hygiene and digestion.

10 Tips for Making Your Puppy Love Their Food

There are many ways to make your puppy love their food. You can mix in treats or give them a little peanut butter as a special treat.

1. Feeding: This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make your puppy love their food. Make sure you feed them at the same time every day and that you always give them enough time to finish their meal before taking away any leftovers. If they finish their meals quickly, then you should divide up the meal into smaller portions.

2. Treats: Mixing in some treats can be an effective way of making your puppy love their food; however, too many treats may lead to weight gain and could eventually result in health problems such as pancreatitis or diabetes. Your best bet is to use treats like carrot sticks,

Reasons Why You Should Switch To a Raw Diet For Your Dog

Dogs are carnivores and they need a diet that’s high in protein. There are many health benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet, including improved immune function, better metabolism, and stronger teeth and bones.


It s important to cook the raw food After the ingredients are cooked, add them to the bowl that is all there is to it!

Switching to a raw diet will help you provide your dog with a healthy meal plan. It is a great way for them to get the protein they need from their food. You will also see an improvement in their immune system, metabolism, teeth, and bones because of this change in diet.