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How Raw Diet For Dogs Changes Everything

Raw diet for dogs before and after improvement is a true fact. I saw a huge change in my own dog once I switched his food from your average diet to a raw diet.

Within weeks there was a change in his before and after looks, and every day it keeps getting better and better.

Raw diet for dogs

Raw diets for dogs are both nutritious and medicinal and still, a lot of people still neglect this fact, and I can not still tell why this is the case.

But I promise you, once you switch it up, you will see a huge change in the before and after looks on your dog.

Keep in mind that long before now, before there were vets and medicines dogs were living quite healthy, and this was in the times of the archaic men.

How do you think dogs survive that time?

They sure didn’t have the resources we have today and yet they were able to haunt in very unhealthy environments compared to what we have today and still were as big and strong as today.

Well, this is because of all the amazing qualities of the raw meal dogs eat every day while in the wild.

It is true that dogs can easily survive on food containing germs and a large number of bacterias and it is also true that dogs have a more prepared system to digest bad food than man does.

In my time here on earth playing around with dogs, I have seen a lot of people feed their dog raw food and still don’t see much change like the kind I saw in my own little fluffy pet, but in most cases, it is because they didn’t realize that each breed of dog has a different kind of raw diet that is best for their system.

If you really love your dog, it is important that you take the time out to do a little research on what works best for your particular breed of dog, and this is what we want to discuss today.

I’m just another dog owner, but the truth is you really don’t need to be an expert. As a matter of fact, most of my ideas come from a lot of discussions, trial and error, and then some vet advice.

So, let’s dive into some basic things a dog owner should be aware of before switching to raw diet food for dogs. be sure to take a picture of the before and after looks of your dog while on this journey.

What Really Is A Raw Diet For Dogs?

What is a raw diet for dogs? In my opinion, this is the first question dog owner with interest in switching to raw diets should ask.

Raw diet for dogs is simply meal prepared at home, it doesn’t necessarily have to be meat vegetable or even cereal, 

it could be anything dogs eat that is homemade, and keep in mind that this could also be cooked meal or uncooked me,  basically almost 95% of whatever human can eat dogs can eat too”.

Usually, a basic raw dog diet can be meat, organs, bones, veggies, eggs, dairies like cheese and milk and so much more.

Always remember that the nutrients this food gives us are the same nutrients that dogs get from cooked or raw meals.

You don’t have to be an expert to be able to get raw meals or cook homemade meals for your family that dogs can also eat, and that is an easy part of the whole thing.

the hard part is knowing what works best for the breed of dog that you have.

Dogs are hunting animals by Nature, So it is safe to say that they are used to eating meat, bones, and even liver.

So keep that in mind when you prepare meals for a dog, and always remember it doesn’t have to be something too Special, the dog will surely be the one to decide to eat or not.

BARF – Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

The word barf represents a feeding method that is specifically designed for home pets like dogs.

It is quite popular among the dog-loving community, although a lot of people still don’t know this. 

BARF means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. just like the name implies, it is a type of diet made of raw meals appropriate for pets like dogs. 

In 1993, Ian Billinghurst is the Australian vet that came up with the word BARF before it became a thing considered in the pet world of dogs.

This also implies that not all raw food is appropriate for dogs.

Some people don’t believe in the term barf, they believe that any food man can eat is definitely okay for dogs, 

But while there might be a little truth lying around in that belief, it is still important to keep in mind that all dogs are not the same.

Rottweilers are different from Canines and also different from Golden Retrievers.

So, in my opinion, this will definitely directly affect the food they eat.

And this also means that the term “Biological appropriate food for dogs” is a true fact. 

If you are interested in implementing the barf system as the method of feeding your dogs, then this is the raw food specification according to BARF method. 

Specifications of Dr. Ian Billinghurst BARF Raw Feeding

  • 70% Meat
  • 10% Raw bone
  • 5% Organs
  • 7% Vegetables 
  • 2% Seeds like nuts and all
  • 1% Fruit.

Dogs are naturally meat and bones eating animals, fleshy food is good for them, but still, other aspects of nutrition are to be considered also with the barf feeding method, and this is why you see the inclusion of nuts and others.

For people that want to be deliberate and technical in the way they treat their dog feeding, this is the way to use the “BARF” system.

Is a Raw Diet Good for a Dog ?

The short and simple answer is yes, Raw Diet meals are good for dogs because it helps supply the right amount of nutrition that dogs need to stay healthy, strong and grow the right way.

There are so many *”benefits of Raw diet for dogs“*.

In the case of puppies, the raw diet food system is especially important, in most cases, puppies need deliberate feeding the most.

But still, let’s not assume they will not grow without a conscious feeding method, but they will definitely grow better with deliberate feeding like the barf method.

Always see a vet and discuss the option to see what they think.

Importantly, do not forget that not only “uncooked meal” and raw meat is good for dogs.

“Cooked meals” are also an amazing option for dogs. So, do not hesitate to feed your dog’s cooked meals and not just raw food.

Remember when I said that 95% of human food is very perfect for dogs also. Dogs *benefit the same nutrients* as we do when we eat our cooked meal because a dog’s digestive system is the same as a human’s system to a large extent.

It is wise to also be aware of the risk and advantages of switching to raw feeding for dogs, and specifically your own type of dog, usually I will recommend talking to a vet about your particular breed of dog and how you intend to feed it. 

Then pay attention to whether or not your dogs like the food, if you see your dog always jumping around when he sees you with the meal, then do not hesitate to make it available as dog food.

Keep in mind that if what you feed your dog directly affects your health or the safety of your kids or anyone at home,

then it’s time to stop, do not continue in any way, shape, or form.

Say your kid is allergic to the smell of a particular meal you feed your dog, then stop immediately and look for alternative food by talking to your vet.

Before And After Change To Look Out For In A Proper Dogs Diet

Here are a few changes that dogs benefit from in proper dieting such as the raw diet meal.

  1. Stable and Boosted Immune system

Dogs on the proper diet will definitely experience a boost in their immune system, and this is because raw diet food contains the basic nutrients like vitamins and minerals and their need for a proper boost in their immune system.

  1. Bone Strength and Strong Joint

Calcium is one of the nutrients found in Bones and this is what dogs gain when they eat bones, although there are other sources of calcium, and bones are one of the best sources of calcium, at least for dogs?

  1. Soft Skin And Smooth Dog Coat

Food containing omega-3 acid is really handy when it comes to what a dog’s skin looks like,  and this can also be found in some of the fatty meals dogs eat.

It is also important to note that some skin inflammatory diseases are avoided just by making such adjustments in the dog diet.  skin diseases are common in dogs and as such should be considered even in their diet.

 fruits and vegetables containing antibiotics will always take care of dog skin tremendously.

  1. Dog Reproductive System

To a large extent than expected, dogs with the proper feeding structure tend to produce better pups than dogs that feed mostly on commercial meals.

  • 5. Healthy Stomach

Pay attention to your dog’s stool and you will see the difference. Dogs that eat healthy food like the raw diet mentioned here, are more likely to produce less smelly stool due to the fact that they carry a healthy stomach.


It is important that you give your dog the appropriate kind of raw diet for dogs, but still be sure to talk to someone about this first, or at least talk to your vet. 

Let me know what your experience is in changing your dog’s diet to a raw meal.