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The Right Raw Diet For Dogs With Pancreatitis

A raw dog diet for dogs with Pancreatitis is very important if you are serious about treating dogs with pancreatic sickness.

You have to be deliberate and conscious about the kind of food that goes into your dog if he or she is diagnosed with Pancreatitis cancer.

I am putting this article together to help you come up with a helpful meal structure that can greatly help your dog manage this sickness of pancreatic cancer.

But before we dive into the best diet for such sickness, let us first define the condition known as Pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis in dogs is a sickness that heavily damages a dog’s stomach organs and tissue when there is an inflammation of the pancreas, this can be due to the high level of fatty meals that a dog can not digest or other underlying diseases history as will be shown in this article.

When there is Pancreatitis in a dog, diets that are hard to digest cause a burst of digestive enzymes into the abdomen, and this enzyme tends to start damaging any organ and tissue it contacts, thereby making it hard for the dog to even digest his food.

Once the pancreas is affected you have to immediately watch out for the type of food your dog eats both homemade or commercial. This is because the pancreas is tasked with digesting the food your dog eats and regulating the blood sugar level of your dog.

If it is discovered late or left untreated early enough, the Pancreatitis can go from acute to a much more severe level known as chronic Pancreatitis, at this point food are hardly digested and blood sugar increase, treatment becomes much more difficult.

If you do not pay attention and find the right feeding method or the right raw diet for dogs with pancreatitis, especially a homemade raw dog diet. you might be adding more trouble and hence cause the chronic stage to develop even faster.

With the wrong diet available to help manage the situation, the inflammation continues and the digestive enzymes are released more into the abdomen, where they damage more tissues and cause severe pain for dogs along with vomiting and diarrhea, amongst other discomfort and weakness.

Pancreatitis is cancer only it’s more painful and has no cure yet but the right diet can help you manage the situation to give your dog more comfortable. it might just be one of the most painful sicknesses a dog can ever suffer, and in most cases lead to death.

Pancreatitis can cure itself in some times if discovered early, then a combination of the right diet and medication. Just like every other cancer, there have been records of healing of Pancreatitis even in dogs”.

Diagnoses of Pancreatitis and The Righ Diet

Early diagnosis of Pancreatitis in a dog can go a long way if you can immediately switch its food to a raw diet for dogs with pancreatitis, to help manage the situation.

When you take your dog to a vet and it is established that the cause of the sickness is Pancreatitis, usually your vet will resume treatment immediately to avoid delay. there will be a couple of blood tests to determine how much digestive enzymes have been released into the blood vessel and how much damage has been done to the dog.

Normally at the beginning stage, the level of digestive enzymes released into the blood should be a maximum of 200, but if it goes beyond 200 the dog has just been diagnosed with acute Pancreatitis, and if the digestive enzymes in the blood reach 800 and above, then there is a problem of chronic Pancreatitis.

Not all raw diet is good for dogs in general, for example, see how the *raw chicken diet affect dogs*.

Raw Diet Treat For Dog Pancreatitis

The whole issue of pancreatitis has to do with the type of food your dog eats. In fact, finding a better diet can even help avoid Pancreatitis, because the inflammation occurs due to excess fat, carbohydrate, or calcium in the blood.

So using the right Raw diet for dogs with pancreatitis can go a long way in managing the situation with hopes of recovery, and recovery is very possible.

According to research, using a raw diet in treating your dog during pancreatitis cancer treatment is a major move, because a raw diet for dogs contains digestive enzymes in itself, thereby making digestion easy when it is consumed.

with this extra enzyme that comes with a raw diet, the dog’s digestive system (pancreas) does not have to produce much of the enzymes anymore and the dog can now enjoy easy digestion. This is how important a raw diet is for dogs in general, especially if they have pancreatic cancer.

In addition to what raw diets can do, homemade meals are just as effective, the worst thing you can do for a dog suffering from pancreatitis is to feed him a commercial meal or packaged meals like kibble.

This is because with homemade meals you are in complete control of the recipe used and your vet already told you what works and what can worsen the case.

Fat and Protein should be given based on specification: For example, you are able to reduce the amount of fat and protein that your dog consumes and also maybe make sure that he gets enough carbohydrates.

Fats and protein are really hard to digest even for humans and dogs alike when compared to carbohydrates, so it is a good practice to ask your vet about the right amount of fat and protein contained food that should be fed to your dog at this point.

Carbohydrate: carbohydrates have a direct relationship with blood sugar, and since the pancreas regulates blood sugar, it is important that you know the level of blood sugar in your dog’s blood and how much or how little carbohydrate is needed, and what kind of raw or homemade cooked meal is needed per time.

Ask about this during every check-up routine.

Be sure to know *what kind of diet to feed your dog in case of allergies*.

How To Make Raw Diet Change For Dogs With Pancreatitis

  • Choose Diet That are Easy to Digest: Basically, the lesser the pancreas has to release digestive enzymes the easier it is to manage pancreatitis, and this can only be achieved with the right meal structure.
  • BONES are the worst: never feed your dog bones if he is diagnosed with pancreatitis. bones are really difficult to digest and they require more digestive enzymes to be released and this, in turn, increases damages to the organs.
  • Plan For Long Term Diet Change: Any diet change that you make in sick dogs is not just for the sake of pancreatitis treatment alone, it will have to be for the rest of the dog’s life. this is to prevent any form of reoccurrence of a similar problem.

Remember that the cause of pancreatic issues is due to the type of diet that your dog has been consuming in the past, this is why your changes have to affect the rest of the dog’s life after recovery.

  • Only Choose Diet Recommended By Your Vet: Be sure that if you must change your dog’s diet structure, it has to be according to the recommendation of your vet, at this point, you don’t want to just research on a good diet for dogs with pancreatic sickness and use the first recipe that fits your choice.

This is because even though you are looking at the sickness at hand, the dog may have other underlying sicknesses that should be considered during diet change, and only your veterinary doctor will be able to run the required test and determine that for you.

  • Make A Diet Budget That Fits Your Family Structure: It is also advisable to make a budget of what you spending both on food and medication, this is because treating the pancreas is not a short-term plan, and it’s even more expensive if you found out about this sickness late.

So, budgeting is very important. especially if you also have a family to take care of, planning is everything.

Reduce Fat Consumption In Dog’s Diet: It is important to reduce fat in every raw diet plan you make for your dog, this is because fat is usually hard to digest, and when your dog consumes fat, it forces the pancreas to release more digestive enzymes and when that happens, the spill of this enzymes drives further down in tho the stomach to start damaging belly tissues and organs.

Use Homemade Cooked Food For Your Dog: Cooked food for dogs can go a long way in helping their recovery, this is because, during the cooking process, bacterias in the ingredients die off. Compared to a raw diet for dogs, cooked food is actually more beneficial due to the presence of fewer bacteria in homemade cooked food, and also reduction of fat is present in cooked for which in turn makes it easy for digestion.

Carbohydrates Will Help: Carbohydrates based diet is quite important to a dog with pancreas cancer or pancreatitis, this is because carbohydrate-based food is easy to digest and has a tendency to reduce the digestive enzymes released to carry out digestion.

Some carbohydrate-based food you might try is rice, potatoes (without potatoes peel). Also, all meals with low-fat, low Fiber can be very useful. but be sure to communicate to your veterinary doctor first.

Dog Sickness History That Has High Chance of Pancreatitis Occurrence

These are some underlying diseases or genetic history that can greatly increase the chance of a dog developing pancreatitis. if you are aware of any of these diseases, you should quickly talk to your vet, run some tests, and make important diet changes as soon as you can.

  • cancer
  • Babesia Canis infections
  • diabetes
  • Leishmania infections
  • hypothyroidism
  • hypercalcemia
  • autoimmune disease
  • epilepsy
  • obesity
  • viral infections
  • hyperlipemia

Medications That Can Also Cause The Development of Pancreatitis

  • seizure medications
  • chemotherapy
  • sulfa antibiotics

The Reality And Fact About Dogs With Pancreatitis

Having a refined raw diet for dogs with pancreatitis is the first step to recovery because the sickness is all based on the type of food that goes into your dog’s system. Fix this first your medication can start yielding results.

Fat, Kibble, Protein, and Bones are the worst thing you will feed doge with this kind of cancer, raw diets are easier to digest than kibble, but also keep in mind that homecooked food is an even better option.

Talk to your vet if you notice any form of sickness and stick to the recommended raw diet for your dog with pancreas cancer and let the recovery start.

I hope this helps your dog in a journey to recovery, be sure to keep up with checkups medication, and a beneficial raw diet.