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How Raw Chicken Diet Affects Dogs

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Raw chicken diet for dogs has almost the same effect as when chicken is fed to humans. if we don’t regard safety in preparing a chicken diet from raw to finish, there is no telling what kind of bacteria effect it might have on us.

So, in my article, I always talk about raw diet feeding for dogs due to its benefit, I thought it was also a good thing if I do my research to bring you some of the good and bad that comes with raw feeding and how you can beat it and succeed.

In handling any kind of raw diet for dogs, the owner has to really be deliberate in the whole preparation process starting from purchasing the raw chicken diet, storage, cooking, preservation method, and consumption.

This is truly the only way to keep our dogs safe and healthy from the bacteria effect that comes with raw chicken.

The truth is; raw feeding for dogs comes with a tremendous nutritious benefit when compared to any other feeding like commercial and even kibble. Also, a lot of dogs like feeding on chicken and meat.

But as much as there are benefits to the raw chicken diet for dogs, there are also bacterias that can greatly damage your dog’s health if you don’t do it the right way, and this is what this article will tell you about.

Polyradiculoneuritis is one of the most disturbing diseases that comes with raw chicken meals or a fairly cooked chicken food meant for dogs.

This disease is a result of a bacteria called campylobacter. It is a bacteria lying around a raw or undercooked chicken fed to a dog. when it takes effect on your dog it causes nerve damage and weakens a dog’s limbs which in turn paralyzes the dog’s movement starting from the legs all the way to the head.

As symptoms of this paralysis increases, if the dog is not immediately treated this paralysis moves right into the heart region, and at this point, the dog’s breathing slows down and in most cases, the dog dies.

This disease (Polyradiculoneuritis) that comes from raw feeding is not a joke. if you have been feeding your dog any kind of raw chicken please take him to a vet for a check-up asap, because once Polyradiculoneuritis kicks in, it usually takes several months to see any kind of recovery, and there is the risk of dogs dying.

Is There Any Way For Dogs To Eat Raw Chicken?

The answer is yes, but still, it is not always a recommendation, due to the disadvantage that such a meal comes with.

A dog’s digestive system is designed to digest food containing bacterias, and this is why dogs hardly fall sick from eating all kinds of rubbish, from poop, to dirty rags, to dead animals, to trash can content, etc.

But still, there are some bacterias that dogs are immune to stand against.

“Chicken disease (Polyradiculoneuritis) doesn’t just hit a dog at first, it is the continuous raw, undercooked, unfrozen type of raw chicken that carries the campylobacter, this is what paralyzes dogs”.

Food contamination is common with homemade food for dogs, but being deliberate in the preparation, and storage of raw homemade food can greatly decrease the probability of falling sick, and this is true for both dogs and men.

Raw diets are highly nutritious, they make your dog eat original food, and they make your dogs look fresh and need less or no kibble, but just like every good thing, it has its own ups and downs.

The only way around this is to know the little things that you can do to handle raw or homemade dog food easily and get the best result out of it, this is the purpose of this article.

Advantages Of Feeding Raw Chicken Diet To Your Dog

Different *raw Diets come with many amazing benefits*, and the raw chicken diet is not left out of this mix. here are some advantages that come with raw chicken home meals.

  • Gastrointestinal Problems in dogs: Raw chicken diet helps fix gastrointestinal upset in dogs
  • Dental Health: Chicken diet also helps dogs deal with dental disease as I explained in my other article; *Things To Know About Raw Diet For Dogs*

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Safely?

Yes, dogs can eat raw chicken safely if you know what you are doing. When you talk about homemade food that humans eat, you can not rule out “chicken”. Imagine a thanksgiving day without chicken?

With this, it is no surprise that most families that have dogs have chicken around. Our dogs are already used to eating chicken and gradually are building immunity for it and enjoying the nutrient benefits.

But, this is not a reason to be careless about the obvious threat of disease and harmful bacterias that comes with the raw chicken diet.

  • Be Aware of The Source: One way out is to be conscious of how you handle the raw chicken you either bought or collected from other sources like poultry. Be aware of the “source” and their chicken management method and how they grow their chicken.

This will help you know what you are up against and how to feed it to your dog. For example, say you bought the raw chicken from a source that isn’t well trusted for handling their chicken well or a source that uses preservatives, or a source that grows their chicken on chemicals.

The awareness of where you get this raw food will help you know what to look out for, and if you don’t know what to look out for, then talk to your vet about it.

If you still are not sure of the safety of your dog, then please stop all types of chicken food for your dog, cooked or raw.

  • Feed Raw Chicken If Frozen: frozen chicken can go a long way in decontaminating any presence of bacteria and also preserving the fresh chicken meat for the dog.
  • Feed Raw Chicken while It Is Still Fresh And Uncontaminated: Always ask about the source of the raw chicken, this will give you an understanding of if it is good for your dog or not. Also when you handle it be conscious of where you keep it at every point in time.
  • Allergies: Dog food allergies are also a big issue and chicken diet is not an exception, you should always look out for allergic reactions in your dogs not just when they eat chicken but when they eat any type of food at all.

Allergic reactions such as itching, biting themself, diarrhea, and vomiting are some of the things you should look out for in every food your dog eats.

It is important to look Know *what raw diet to feed dogs with any kind of food allergies*. This will help you understand what is needed and how to better feed your dog the right way.

  • Underlying Sickness History: this can actually be a reason not to feed your dog chicken diet of any kind, both raw and cooked. you should always talk to your vet to check if there is any sickness or health condition present in your dog that may affect his ability to deal with chicken diet.

How Many Time Should You Feed Your Dog Raw Chicken Diet?

As much as we know that dogs benefit from raw chicken food and that dogs have an immune system designed to help them battle bacterias. I guess the main question now is how do the amount of time we feed our dog and puppies raw chicken affect their health?

For an adult dog, it is a good practice to only feed your dog and pups chicken diet once a week or even once in two weeks, this is enough time for their body to deal with any kind of bacteria that might be in the raw chicken.

The less often they feed on raw chicken the more their immune system has time to deal with the presence of campylobacter bacteria.

This is also after you have found out from your vet that there is no underlying disease that affects your dog’s immune system or his ability to digest raw chicken.

For Puppies: Do not feed your pups any kind of chicken, cooked, raw, homemade, or commercial. Puppies need time to develop better immunity to deal with certain bacterias. maybe they are good with the normal trash food bacteria but you don’t want them around serious bacterias like the campylobacter that is in the raw chicken diet.

How To Take Care Of Your Dog After Raw Chicken Diet

The infection that comes from a dog that eats bacteria-infected raw chicken for food is not only detrimental to the dog, but also to you and your family and especially kids.

Remember how your dog will always jump to lick your face and how it licks your kid’s face after eating, that is a sure way to spread the same bacteria that It carried off of the just-finished meal unknowingly.

So it is important to take care of your dog after feeding them any raw meal. I am not saying that all raw chicken is infected, it is only infected if it is not handled correctly by you or by the people at the store you bought it from, or from the poultry farm.

If you notice any sign of reaction or sickness after a raw diet meal please reach out to your vet immediately, self-medication for dogs can worsen the case or even lead to death.

What is An Alternative For Raw Chicken Diet For Dogs

If you are reading this then I assume you already know that raw diets are good but also if not well handled can be detrimental, and I mean all raw diets.

If the raw meal is not infected by how it is handled, it will be infected when the dog drags it all over the floor in the name of enjoying his meal.

With that being said there are some alternatives, you can feed your dog in place of raw chicken diet, and they are;

  • Cooked Fish
  • Unseasoned Fish
  • unfried Fish
  • Grilled Fish

Some Symptoms Of Raw Chicken Poisoning/Disease in Dogs

These are some symptoms of diseases caused by infected raw chicken diet for dogs:

  • Paralysis
  • Fever
  • Difficult breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Panicking
  • Coughing And Restlessness
  • Rectal bleeding and stool difficulty
  • diarrhea

If you see any sign of the listed symptoms above please talk to your vet as soon as possible.

Conclusion A Note About Raw Diets for Dogs

Raw chicken diet for dogs comes with a lot of benefits, but if it is not deliberately handled the right way your dog can actually suffer for it, and this might lead to death.

Always reach out to your vet if you observe any issues and symptoms like the ones listed above. I hope you find help with these tips.