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The Right Way To Bathe A Puppy

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How to give a puppy bath the right way is a question that has a couple of tricks to it, and if done properly, you will see a lot of benefits.

On my way to work last week, I saw a little wet-looking puppy running out of the owner’s house still very wet because he just had his bath, and all I could think of was how this might not be healthy for him.

And this is what this article is about.

You should only bathe your puppy once a month, this is especially true if it is your first experience having a little canine dog around.

The type of bath you give any puppy is very dependent on the weather in the area you live in.

In warm weather, it might be okay to do it twice or three times a month, but in cold weather, you should stick to the once-a-month routine until your puppy goes beyond 8 – 10 weeks.

Puppies love to run around doing all sorts of things that can make them dirty, and sometimes this will tempt the owner to want to constantly dip that naughty little dog into a comfortable ice bath and see him looking all cleaned up.

Puppies can play a lot and it is worst when they *have to eat raw diet* or homemade food, they usually just drag that meal all over the house as if to paint the room.

Although there are a lot of *health benefits of raw food for dogs*, still the mess they constitute can be an issue that tempts you to give them a bath.

Trust me I know that feeling, but please be careful when making a bath decision for that cute little canine puppy, and here is how to do it the right way.

A Guide On How To Give Puppy Bath

Puppies have different skin types, and this greatly determines what type of bathing routine you should apply, for example, if your puppy has hairy skin and within 7 – 10 weeks, you should not only bathe once or twice a month but be sure to dry him properly.

Hairy puppies tend to reserve water on their fur, this can cause bacteria to stick to their fur and to make them smell and start having itch all over their body.

Dry skin puppies don’t have lots of hair to reserve water after bath and are safer in that regard, but they are more prone to cold because they don’t have enough furs to keep them warm, so it is better to bath dry skin puppies once a month if they are still under 7 – 10 weeks.

Keep in mind that even at 8 and half weeks, your puppy still has skin that is still adjusting to the weather and temperature, and this fragility calls for caution until 8 weeks of age.

If your puppy is just 7 weeks old but already having too much fun that sometimes makes his skin smell or look too dirty, you can always damp a soft towel in warm water to clean him up diligently.

Here are a couple of things you might want to know before giving your puppy its first bath.

When Can I Bathe A Puppy?

The first bath for you to give a puppy must be after 5 weeks of birth, from then, you should bathe your puppy once a month. no matter how dirty they get in the first 6 weeks do not be tempted to bathe them twice a month.

Simply damp a towel in warm water and rub him gently after the month’s bath, the will not be perfect but it is very healthy.

puppies grow very fast, and depending on your own type of canine you are really going to find out that your little cute puppy will grow almost every week.

So, do not hurriedly use shampoo, in the first four weeks, and if you must, then you should get specific shampoos made for puppies.

after 8 weeks, then you can use the normal dog shampoo because 8-9 weeks is all a puppy needs to become an “almost adult dog”.

If your dog is furry (has plenty of hair on the skin) shampoo bathing can be really fun but don’t be carried away, remember that hair dogs can hide shampoo in their furs during and after bath, so be sure to check him properly.

How Often Do You Bathe A Puppy?

You should only give your puppy his first bath after 5 to 8 weeks, but before 5 weeks, it is okay to use a damp towel in warm water. After 5 weeks you should bath your puppy once a month,

To wait 5 weeks before a puppy’s first bath can be okay for many dog breeds. After 8 weeks of bathing him once a month, you will be able to switch it to twice a month, but this largely depends on the type of dog you have.

Here are some things to consider, that will tell you how often you should bathe your dog.

  • Weather: Weather differences can be a huge factor in determining how often you bathe a puppy. After 8 weeks, during summer it’s okay to even go as far as bathing twice a month, but during winter, you should not bathe your puppy more than once a month. Remember that the first bath must be after 5 to 8 weeks.
  • Puppy lifestyle: The amount of time you bathe your puppy after 5 to 8 weeks also depends on how quiet the dog is. Say you have an Australian Cattle Dog, Basenji, Bouvier des Flandres, Great Dane, or Greyhound. those are some quiet dog breeds, they don’t play a lot, and they stay cool oftentimes, this means that they are not always dirty out of the mud and all that. you should stick to bathing them just once a month after 5 to 8 weeks.
  • Puppy skin type: Puppy skin type talks majorly about the hairy puppy or dry skin puppy, hair skin is moister and reserve more water, if you are in a winter season or in a country where you experience too much cold, then you need to be conscious about how you bath this kind of dog. You should bathe hairy dogs once a month, but bath dry skin dogs twice a month in summer and once a month in the winter, but always keep their skin dry and warm.
  • Date of puppy birth: If your puppy is still below 5 weeks, please don’t rush to bath him, just allow his body to get used to the weather, the temperature, the surrounding, and most importantly, allow the puppy to build resistance and immunity to some common puppy related environmental problems. This usually takes about 5 to 8 weeks.
  • The Dog’s Health Status: Even after 8 weeks old, the type of bath you give to a puppy can still be greatly affected by his health status. Dogs that are sick don’t even need to be bathed once a month even after 8 weeks to avoid cold. At this point, their immune system alert is low, and are prone to cold, damping a towel in warm water is the only type of bath you should use, and also do it twice a week, warm water is very good for puppies prone to cold.

Just like there is a specific type of *good food for dogs with allergies*, there’s also a type of bath that a dog with an allergy should get, if you have a dog with an allergy it is best to get specifications from your vet on how to bathe him.

How To Give Puppy Bath (7 Steps)

1. Ready everything before you start: Get all the things you need for a proper dog bath, Puppy Shampoo (special shampoo), A bathtub, soft puppy towel, A soft brush/comb, water source, hairdryers (for puppies with fur), etc.

When you get those ready then you are good to go.

2. Consider the weather: The next step is to consider the weather to determine what temperature of water you want for your cute little friend. puppies easily catch a cold, but they can also feel the heat and can be affected by hot temperature, so keep the water lukewarm in soft winter and proper warm in heavy winter.

During summer, you can use a normal room temperature like water (this means your normal water without heating or chilling it).

3. Dip the puppy gently inside water: If you are using a bathtub, then just dip him gently inside the water to all his asking slowly get use the water temperature before applying anything else.

If you prefer using a shower-like bathing method, reduce the shower speed and let your puppy ease into the water pouring on him or her.

4. Apply shampoo: Apply puppy shampoo and use a soft sponge only. When I bathe my puppy I make sure that I use the puppy shampoo, this is because using other shampoos not meant for puppies can easily irritate their skin and make them react or even have constant itching or worst.

So, always stick to the proper puppy shampoo and keep your canine healthy.

5. Rinse properly: During rinsing always take your time, do not hurriedly leave soap on the dog especially furry dogs. Leaving soap in their furs can cause irritation.

Take your time to rinse your puppy properly and keep her soap-free.

6. Dry the puppy properly: Drying a puppy is as important as bathing them, wet puppies are never a good thing, bacterias can stick to their wet furs for furry dogs and wet skin for dry skin dogs. This can cause infection.

They can also catch a cold quickly, trust me, I have seen it. puppies are very prone to cold and heat, so keep that in mind and dry them up properly with a soft puppy towel.

7. Dress the puppy: If you have a puppy with a furry coat, you can use the soft comb to gently comb his furs and make it look neat, use a hairdryer to dry his furs, and kiss his forehead afterward.

but if your puppy has dry skin, then a nice kiss to the forehead can do the trick while using a dryer to dry him up.

Final Thought

How to give a puppy bath the right way is something a lot of people take for granted, but the truth is that a lot of problems can be avoided if your dog is bathed the right way.

I hope you get help from this article, always reach out to your vet if you notice any unusual swellings or rash while bathing your puppy.