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What You Must Know Before You Install Heavy Duty Dog Gates

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Installing Heavy duty dog gates is an excellent way to keep your canine safe while in your house, using this type of gate for your pet is also a way to separate the area where your dog stays from where your kids play. Therefore keeping both your dogs and your kids safe.

Paying attention to how your dog lives is a very important factor that determines the health and well-being of our cute fluffy friends. When we talk about dog health, a lot of people focus just on what the dog eats and maybe taking the dog to a vet for rotational checkups, very few people actually put effort into knowing how their dog moves about at home.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong at home if you are not in control of where your dog goes and where it lays, You need to limit your dog from leaving the house to go play in the mud and come back to lick your kids at the same time. Another thing that can happen is that your dog can fall on stairs or even get trapped in an area in the house without your knowledge, regardless of what might happen it’s still not safe.

Note: There are also smaller gates that can just be used to cause separation in your house, but you must be aware that the dag can easily jump over the small gates and still get into a harmful situation. This is why I decided to write about this and educate us on the importance of using more effective gates instead.

So, let’s dive in.

What Is The Difference Between Dog Gates and Dog Cage

Some people mistake the use of dog gates to be the same as a dog cage, but this is not true because a cage is used to keep a dog confounded in a small-sized area while a dog gate is used to restrict dogs from a larger size area of the house without confining them to limited space.

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Why heavy duty dog gates Are Important?

here are some of the reasons why you should have heavy duty dog gates.

Help keep You Dog Safe

Dogs can be caught in traps within the home, or go into special places like the kitchen where they lick some of your cooking items without you knowing.

Just as mentioned above, pet safety is as important as going to the vet or a good diet. If you don’t pay attention to how your canines live, they might be doing things that can cause them or your kids harm without you knowing.

Gates can greatly limit a dog’s free movement inside the house and this can be an additional safety strategy not just for your dog but also for your kids if you have one.

Gates Can Restrict Access To Important Rooms

As pet owners we all that time in our life when we want to do something important like preparing pet food and or medication and you see you dog all over you and trying to have access to what you are doing even before you finish what you are doing, gates can come in handy at this point.

Another thing that can happen is that you might have a room filled with fragile items that you don’t want your dog to go into and play around with breakable items in the house.

There are also rooms that might contain Dog food, if you are a pet owner, you may have experienced that one time when your canine goes into the room where your dog food is currently located and dives into the food bag.

These and more are some reasons you want to keep your dog safe in a gate-restricted area.

Prevent Dogs From Disturbing Your Visitors And Guests

Not all visitors like to have dogs around, some people literally are scared of dogs, some are not just pet lovers, others have not-so-cool experiences with dogs in the past, and for this reason and more it is important that you keep your pets restricted from the area where you have such visitors.

Small gates cant do the trick in this case because sometimes you have dogs that just want to play with literally anybody. Or you might have the type of dogs that think some visitors are actually intruders, making your dog to wants to bark at the visitor.

This is where dog gates can help, when you keep your dog behind the gates because you have a visitor or guest coming in, the guest will not have to be bothered about the pet anymore and also, you are simply giving the guest the option to want the pet out or keep it behind the gates.

Giving Your Dog The Freedom They Need While Limiting Their Movement To Safe Places

In the past people will result to leash in order to achieve this, people will leash their dog up for the purpose of limiting its movement, although, most people do this and still feel bad for doing it, formerly, it is either you leash up the pet or put her in a cage throughout the duration you need to do something that doesn’t require the presence of your fluffy friend, or maybe you do it just to keep the dog safe from stairs or toxic rooms.

With heavy dogs, the dog doesn’t have to be tied up or in a cage anymore, a sight that can be sad to see, instead you keep the gates locked to limit the movement of the pet while still keeping the pet free to move around.

Additionally, if you are like me and don’t like to see your pet chained up looking sad, then the gates can help keep the dog free while still limiting his movements to so rooms in the building.

Keep Important Work Place And Furniture Away From Pets

We have all seen first-hand what a pet can do with furniture and some other house and work tools, and it is important to note that some of these work tools can actually cause harm to the pet while they are trying to ravage it.

If you are like me that have a work room inside my house, you would know that your dog can access that room without your knowledge and hence bite a cord or run through a wire, or even hit an expensive ceramic.

The Heavy Duty Dog gates are a good measure to take to limit the movement of your canine thereby keeping him from accessing rooms that you don’t want him to access, or destroying furnishings you need to be safe.

Protect Your Child From Hurting and Infant Pet While Protecting Your Pet From Hurting And Infant Child

Children, especially crawling babes are not aware of the dangers of playing with a pet, I have seen a crawling baby mistakenly sit on the tail of a young pet, and hurt the pet in the process.

This can also happen in reverse, a pet can also intentionally or unintentionally hurt a crawling baby. either way, the bother situation is not safe for either the pet or the newly born baby.

Additionally, crawling babe or infant babies can also get infections from germs that your dog carries around. No matter how many times you bathe your dog or keep the house clean, you must admit that a pet is a pet and crawls the earth full of germs.

Dog gates are a great way to keep the kids separate from your pets in different rooms separated by gates.

Why Heavy Duty Dog Gates Is Better Than Other Gates?

As much as there are other types of gates out there you can use to keep the dog in a particular room and limited from accessing other unwanted rooms. you must remember that dogs can jump over average gates and even knock down weak gates.

Some dog owners prefer a cute looking gate, but this can defeat the purpose of installing the gates in the first place, if you are more interested in a cute beautiful gate it is very okay, but you should also keep the purpose of the gate in mind and also go for quality gates as well that can be customizable to your living condition and to your taste.

This is very possible and should be considered when installing dog gates.

how high should a dog gate be

What is the standard height for a heavy duty dog gate?

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How tall or how high a dog gate is usually dependent on the size of the dog, whether your fluffy friend is a large or a small dog. but it important that you get a height scale that can work for a large breed of dog unless you plan to give the dog away before it is big enough.

For a large dog, you should get a dog gate that is about 33 – 42 inches tall, you might keep it at 33 – 36 inches if you are looking to give the dog away before they are big enough, but this height is well withing perfect range in my opinion.

When Should You Have heavy duty dog gates?

The easiest way to say this is that you should have a heavy-duty dog gate as you decide to get a dog, in my experience you don’t want to suffer the consequences of a lack of protective measures before you see the need to get a dog gate.

As humans, we sometimes leave things to chance but with a pet like a dog, harm is almost inevitable, because pets are pets and will live and breed like pets.

What Part Of The House Should You Have heavy-duty dog gates?

Heavy-duty dog gates should be installed in a part of the house located away from important rooms like the baby room, work room, kitchen, guest rooms, and rooms where you keep important breakables.

You want to keep the above in consideration when you are thinking about what room to install a dog gate. It is important that you don’t just fix the gate anywhere, most times installing a dog gate in the above-listed places can defeat the purpose of the whole gat idea.

Say for example you install the gate close to a guest room, if your dog sees your guest as an intruder she will start barking and that can make your guess unease and uncomfortable.

What Is A Good heavy-duty dog gate?

A good quality and standard heavy duty dog gate is a dog gate that meets the following.

Height and Width of the gate: A standard heavy-duty dog gate can be as high as 33 – 42 inches tall and as wide as 28 – 33inches but it is important to have your gate installer measure out the space provided for the gate installation before choosing a gate.

Convenience And Easy To Use: You want to make sure that you or your gate installer read the direction on the label on how best to stall the gate before the installation is carried out. remember that each gate comes with its own uniqueness and a different way to get the best out of the gate after installation. a properly installed gate is easy to use and easy to operate both for the dog owner and the dg itself

Safe For Dog And Dog Owner: Again, this goes back to reading the instructions that the dog gate came with. Usually, the makers of these gates will consider dog health before and during the gate-making process, but you should do your diligence to make sure that the installation process will not in any way shape or form affect your pet, or your family, especially kids.

How to Install A heavy-duty dog gate Properly?

This is for those that do their installation themselves, here are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Tools, Position And Wall Friendly: You should make sure that you are using tools specified for that particular gate installation process, so you don’t just use any tool and damage the gate in the process.

You also need to make sure that the position you choose to install the gate is best for your dog and your easy movement. For example, you don’t want to install the gate in a narrow room where there is little or no space to open the gate easily without hurting yourself in the process.

Walls, you should be aware of the strength of your wall, some installation processes might need you to impale your walls and patch it up afterwards, so take note of this.

Gate Lock: What is a gate without a lock, if you are using a simple switch type of lock, then always make sure it can be accessible from the outside and from the inside as well.

If you are using a key lock kind of dog gate, please ensure that you have spare keys inside and outside the dog room, in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Dog gates are a great way to keep your pet safe and in control without chaining the pet up or putting your fluffy canine friend in a cage.

Regardless of if you are looking to keep the pets separated from each other, or keep the pet from disturbing your guest, or keep the pet away from your toddlers, the heavyduty dog gate can come in handy.

It is important that you keep a proper installation process guide close while installing the dog gate and also read the instructions as each do gate comes with its own unique direction on how best to install the gate and for what breed of dog.

I hope you got value from my little research. feel free to share and keep other dog lovers like you informed. Bye for now.