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Why You Should Feed Your Dog Healthiest Wet Dog Food

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Healthiest wet dog food is always the treat for healthy dogs, and it comes with amazing benefits like improved hydration in dogs, high protein, low carbohydrate, easy to chew and so much more. There is not much difference between wet dog food and dry dog food but the unique thing about wet meal is that it is a good choice if your canine friend is a picky eater.

Also, you might just want to try it to improve hydration in your dog or just to change his diet, either way, it is a good route to take.

My intention in writing this article is to give a brief view of the basic difference between wet and dry dog diets and also talk about some of its basic benefits and tell you what to look out for in different types of Healthiest Wet Dog Food.

I’ve heard a lot of rumours from some pet parents that I know, and this made me do my own research while also speaking to some of the pet experts that I know.

If you are ready to find out what makes wet meals healthy for dogs, then let’s dive in….

What is Wet Dog Food?

Wet dog food is basically a type of dog food that contains a high level of water content. This type of food is usually easily digestible when compared to other types of dog food due to its liquid contents. This type of food also serves well for canines with dental problems. It also contains minerals, protein, fibre and almost all the nutrients you can get in a dry dog meal.

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Other than the liquid content in this dog diet, this type of meal is also nutritious as opposed to the rumour that dry dog diet is more nutritious than wet dog diet. Dry kibble is nutritious but this doesn’t mean that other types of dog food are void of the appropriate nutrients for a healthy dog.

An additional advantage of a wet dog meal is that it can be cooked, which can help get rid of unwanted substances while still keeping the meal fresh enough and maintaining its nutritional qualities.

More liquid in a dog’s meal means more liquid in the dog’s body, it also means easy digestion and easy chewability. So, in my opinion, it is okay to try this out from time to time and keep the liquid content in your dogs body in proper level.

What is the healthiest wet dog food?

The healthiest wet dog food is a type of dog diet that contains the relevant nutritional requirement that a dog needs to stay healthy while also containing a high level of liquid in the meal.

While some believe that a good liquid level required for a typical dog meal can be as much as 70%, in my experience and after a deliberate interview with my vet, I came to find that your dog’s body liquid will be just fine if its meal contains up to 50% liquid and also that diet planning is the main key focus for a healthy meal and not just liquid.

What to watch out for in healthy wet dog food?

Not all wet dog meals are very good, some of them contain nutrients but not just the ones you need for your pet, so I tried to list out a few things that you might want to look out for, and also, what to allow and what to avoid in a wet dog diet.

1. Moisture content in the dog food

Although wet dog food is supposed to have a good amount of moisture, it is also important that you don’t have too much moisture in the food that can get rid of the food taste and even over-saturate the nutrients with liquid.

When you prepare wet dog food at home, it is important that you make sure to have at least 50% water and 50% food, this way you are able to preserve the moisture content in the meal while also maintaining the food nutrient content.

For packaged wet dog food, I advise you to find ones that have proper labelling stating the company’s information and also the nutrients found in the food, there you will also read the percentage of liquid contained in the commercial dog food.

2. Amount of protein and fat content

As much as you need these two ingredients to be in your dog’s diet, please take time to check and see if the amount of fat and protein in your dog at the moment will need more addition.

Yes, there is such a thing as being overweight in dogs, you don’t want to keep feeding your dog fatty food when you know he has lots of fats in his system already, that will be just bad for his health. Instead, you should look for low-fat dog meals, that way you are able to maintain the dog’s body fat level.

The same goes for protein too, as much as protein is one of the most important nutrients a body can have there is still such a thing as too much protein, and this is why it is important that you look out for how much body nutrients your dog already have while you plan your dog diet.

Its okay to run a nutritional test on your pet before deciding what type of dog food to choose, your vet or pet nutritionist should help you with this.

3. Check the type of ingredients

This is another reason why it is important that you buy only certified commercial dog diet packs, the producers of this food will always have a proper label detailing the types of ingredients present in the dog food.

If you have the details, then you will be able to know what type of ingredient is present in the food and in what quantity, this will help you make an informed choice as to what type of food you are preparing for your canine friend.

The ingredients of a meal determine the nutrient you get out of that meal. Basically, you want to ensure that your average wet dog food contains minerals, vitamins, protein, water and carbohydrates. These are the list of basic nutrients to look out for.

To get the above nutrients your pack may contain ingredients like (but not limited to), corn, beef, water, potatoes, grain, fruits, vegetables and wheat.

I will advise my readers to avoid any unidentified food, meat, or non-popular nutrients, artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin, also artificial colours. Dog parents should be aware of what they feed their pet.

4. Check if your dog is allergic to the food or its ingredient

It is important to make sure that your canine is not allergic to any of those ingredients in the food. I have found that some dogs are allergic to chicken, some are allergic to beef, and some dogs react to a certain level of carbohydrates.

check to see if your dog’s allergen or its equivalent can be found anywhere in the food, this way you can be able to avoid any issues that might occur and make a more informed decision.

5. Check to make sure that the food is well fitted for your Dog’s life stage.

Not all food is formulated for all breeds and dogs of all stages of life, it is important that you check to make sure that the food has a complete balanced diet and is also formulated for your particular breed of dog.

Although some people will overlook this particular point, but I assure you that this is quite necessary, keep in mind that some of these commercial meal are to serve as supplements for your dog and this means they are not the complete diet your dog needs and this is why it is important to check.

Read the label to see if that particular dog diet is for all stages of life, or specific to a particular stage and breed of canine. Also, you need to remember that puppies need lots of protein when compared to adult dogs, but some of this food is all made in such a way that they can fit into all stages of dogs, so, do well to read the label.

More importantly, if you have an overweight dog, please check to see that the food has low fat and protein. Another reason to check for fat and protein level is if your dog is an adult canine, see, adult dogs don’t need too much protein and fat, unlike puppies that need these for efficient growth.

What Is The Difference Between Dry Dog Food and Wet Dog Food?

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During my research I found out that the difference between wet dog food and dry dog food is basically based on (but not limited to) these four factors, Teeth (Dentition), calorie, water content and shelf-life.

Water Content

Obviously wet dog food has a higher moisture content than dry dog food, although this doesn’t mean that dry dog food does not contain moisture at all, it just means that the moisture contents are very small in dry dog food. In comparison, Wet dog food has about 2% – 10% moisture, but wet dog food has up to 80% moisture.

Caloric Content

The caloric content of dry dog food is higher than that of wet dog food. A dog will typically have to eat 3 times the amount of wet dog meal to be able to reach the caloric value of dry dog food, and because dogs need lots of calories to burn energy, may prefer a dry dog diet to a wet dog diet in this regards. Please note that wet dog food contains calories as well.

Shelf life

Shelf life of dog food is basically the period the meal can be stored without decay or turning unsuitable for consumption. As regards to dog food, dry dog food has more shelf life than wet dog food and this means that dry dog food lasts longer than wet dog food when stored.

This is the case because the moisture content in dog food can facilitate fermentation and contamination thereby causing quick food decay, so, the lesser the moisture content the longer period the food lasts.

Teeth (Dentition)

Some say that dry food is better for a dog’s teeth and some say that wet dog diet is better for a dog’s teeth, but from my experience, you will find that wet dog food is easier to chew due to its soft nature and hence requires lesser energy to chew.

What Are The Benefits of Healthy wet dog food?

Here are some benefits of wet dog food that i have found.

  1. All the food nutrients that is necessary for the growth of a healthy dog can be found in wet food as much as they exist in dry food.
  2. It’s easier to feed your dog wet food if he is a picky eater than going for a dry food.
  3. My favourite benefit of a wet dog food is that it can improve the dog’s body hydration and which can help keep your canine in a hydrated state.
  4. Wet dog food can come in handy during hot period or dry weather, as dogs need as much water as they can get during such period.
  5. Wet dog food can serve as an intermittent meal as much as it can also be a priority meal and dry food can be an alternative.
  6. Wet dog food are more enjoyable to pets than dry dog food as the moisture content add more experience to the flavor and texture that already exist in a wed dog diet.
  7. Wet dog food is easy to chew for dogs and also easy to digest due to its texture and moisture content.


Is dog food good for puppies?

Yes, dog food is good for puppies but only when they have the necessary nutrients that a puppy needs to grow properly, these nutrients include protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and calories. although these are the basic nutrients it is important to feed ensure that the dog food you give your puppies is specific to puppies and not adult dogs.

Is wet food bad for dogs?

Wet dog food like all other types of dog food has its own advantage and disadvantages, but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. One of the major downsides is that wet dog food contains a bit more fat than dry dog food and can be a problem if your canine is sensitive to fat. Also, it is important to note that wet dog food can build up substances in the tooth, unlike dry dog food is actually good for dogs’ teeth.


It is no longer news that the healthiest wet dog diet is dependent on the type of nutrients present in the food and the safety measures that the manufacturers put in place towards production and most importantly your ability to read the label for these instructions. I urge my readers to please always read through and make sure that the particular dog food you are going for is perfect for the life stage of your dog.