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Why You Should Bath Dog With Epsom Salt

  • 9 min read

If you pay attention you will see the difference between when dogs bathe Epsom salt and when they just use a regular water bath.

Dogs that bathe with Epsom usually benefit a lot from it. When I learn about the benefits that come with this dog bathing method, it became my go-to bathing method for my dog and puppies that have grown beyond 10 weeks.

Notice that I emphasize how to bath *puppies that have grown up to 10 weeks* and this should be taken seriously if you are looking to apply this to your puppy.

The result of the Epsom salt bathing process has been amazing, from relaxed muscles to healing swallow body parts and also relieving surface bruises and injuries to make them heal on time.

Epsom is made of magnesium and sulfate, which is known to fight bacterias, and also make skin surface soft.

Although it is true that not all the natural remedies that work for man can be okay for dogs but Epsom is one of the natural remedies that has worked well and almost get a similar result for both man and canines (dogs).

Skin itches, skin roughness, muscle tension relief, and swelling healing are just a few of what Epsom salt does for a dog. Your dog can also have a calm relaxed body temperature using magnesium sulfate in their bath.

Skin detoxification is also a huge plus for dogs that bathe with Epsom salt, this will not only result to clean skin surface but also healthier and bacteria-free skin.

Injured dogs with skin surface bruises can be taken care of using the Epsom salt bath method, the salt helps the skin deal with swelling and heal up quickly, this is because the salt deals directly with fighting bacterias that stop the skin healing process when there is a skin injury.

As a dog owner, there is no running away from dog injuries. dogs play a lot, if they don’t get skin cuts, they will get cuts on their paws, and sometimes in between their fingers.

It is almost impossible to keep a dog safe from cuts, injuries, and bruises unless you are looking to keep them locked up.

Dogs are naturally radical in most cases, and although there are still some quiet dog breeds out there, even the quietest of dogs can sometimes be in the zone to play.

Some dog owners prefer to take their dogs to medication for everything including skin rashes, cuts and bruises, bacteria infection, and others alike.

This is not always the best, because all medication comes with adverse effects, some are just light effects but continuous medication for small things like bruises and cuts are not always necessary, in fact, they cause more accumulation of chemicals into a dog’s system.

Not too many people are aware of this type of natural remedy called the Epsom salt bath method, and I am hoping that this will be a way of spreading the word.

let us look at understanding how this Epsom salt works especially in dogs, this will help us know where and how to apply this bath practice.

Caution: Do not feed your dog Epsom salt directly, this can cause stomach irritation due to the rawness of the compound.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is made up of the chemical composition of magnesium and sulfate bound by oxygen. This salt is quite consumable, but only if you are healthy and safe from kidney infections and also when you are not pregnant.

This is called a salt but without the salty taste, the term salt in “Epsom salt” is just a description of its chemical composition just like sodium. it is not the taste that makes it a salt, but the presence of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen.

The presence of these elements is what gives the salt the ability to take care of the dog’s body well, this includes inducing a relaxed nerve, healing injuries, and treating the dog to overall body excellence.

Through the mixture of Epsom in liquid (water for dog bath), a dog’s skin is able to achieve the benefits that come with it when it absorbs the salt through the sweat pores, giving the salt the ability to work on the skin from the inside out.

The magnesium in the salt is what takes care of muscle functionality and relaxes the dog’s body, helps in combining different protein molecule in the dog’s body for overall growth, and also regulate the dog’s blood pressure, magnesium also helps in overall body energization and so much more.

It gets better when you combine that with what sulfate does for the body, it deals with treating the body especially at surface level and combating bacteria in the dog. sulfate is the main agent that detoxifies (removal of toxic elements) the dog’s skin while keeping him calm at the same time.

Benefits Of Epsom salts for dogs

Epsom salt is very beneficial to canines and human alike, there are so much to be gained from bathing a dog with Epsom but here are a few.

1. Wound Treatment: Epsom salt facilitates wound healing in dogs. The sulfate contained in the compound takes care of neutralizing the bacteria on the wound surface that hinders skin healing while giving the magnesium the chance to boost the healing speed.

2. Muscle relaxation: The mineral component of Epsom salt also has the characteristic of giving the body relaxed nerves, which helps to ease muscle tension. This is what causes the dog to have a relaxed muscle despite its radical daily activities.

3. Relaxes dogs blood pressure: Dogs are really sensitive, and they react to almost everything, emotionally and physically. This constant reaction to different activities has a direct effect on the dog’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Magnesium that has been absorbed into the body during Epsom salt bath, has the ability to ease the rise in blood pressure, not to bring it too low but to stabilize the body blood pressure in the dog.

4. Soften dogs skin: Dipping a dog in Epsom water does not only heal wounds but also influences the skin to become smooth, and this is why companies that produce creams capitalize on Epsom water to give the cream the benefit of making skin soft.

5. Combating bacteria and toxic elements: Epsom salt helps deal with the presence of bacteria on the dog’s skin and neutralization the toxic elements due to the presence of sulfate in Epsom salt bath, this helps to keep the dog infection-free as he/she goes around playing in the mud.

6. Fix ITCHY SKIN: Bathing your dog with warm water and Epsom salt once a week, is the best remedy for itchy skin. keep in mind it is not possible for dogs to go with itchy skin. there is really a lot of reason why your dogs might have itchy skin, it could even be an allergic reaction.

Epsom salt mixed with warm water supplies the minerals and nutrients necessary for treating skin itches to give the dog a more relaxed body during the week’s activities.

8. Add Moisture to dry skin dogs: This is especially true for dry skin dogs, they tend to have direct sunlight on their skin which in turn dries the skin moisture making it a dry skin dog. Applying Epsom salt to your water can fix this dry skin, because Epsom salt contains minerals that can reserve body moisture even under direct sunlight, thereby keeping the skin moist.

9. Improve body energy: Epsom salt bath helps improve overall body energy, this, in turn, makes the body strong and healthy while boosting body repair and wound healing.

How Does Epsom Salt Work In A Dogs Body

Epsom salt is absorbed into a dog’s body when during bath through a process called transdermal absorption.

This term is used to describe the process of receiving medication through the skin pores when you are trying to avoid oral intake.

During dog baths, Epsom salt in the bathwater can easily be absorbed into the dog’s pores making it accessible to the body.

If the same mineral goes into the body through the mouth, a large amount of the magnesium is lost in the stomach during digestion and the body receives very little of a well-deserved mineral.

But through the transdermal absorption of Epsom salt, the body receives more of the undigested magnesium sulfate and benefits tremendously from it.

Once in the pores, the magnesium sulfate can easily find its way into the bloodstream, where it is circulated all over the rest of the body causing overall body relief and fixing arthritic pains, reaching the skin surface to practically carry out stress relief, and body sores relieve.

The minerals also bring about skin cleaning, and brain relaxation while improving muscle function and boosting the immune system. in the end, the dog is energized bacteria-free, and recovering from injuries and skin infection.

You only have to try it to see it.

How to Bathe A Dog in Epsom Salts

All you need for Epsom salt to work well in your dog is to soak him in the mixture while using a foamy sponge to rub the Epsom salt water all over his body to make sure it gets everywhere.

First, make ready warm water, add some Epsom salt to it inside a bathtub, then gently dip the dog in it for about 10 minutes before starting the main shampoo bath. this is enough time to allow the minerals to soak through the dog’s skin.

Epsom salt bath for dogs is what every pet owner should strive to introduce their dog’s hygiene structure. A word of caution: Do not feed your dog Epsom salt directly and do not bathe or feed a pregnant, this can cause stomach irritation due to the rawness of the compound. It is usually better for bath purposes only.

This article is for informational purposes only, please reach out to your vet if you notice any issue on your dog before, during, or after the Epsom salt bath.