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How Dogs Can Eat Raw Meat The Right Way

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Feeding a dog raw meat comes with both risks and benefits, and up until now,

a lot of dog owners are still asking “can dogs eat raw meat?” and the answer is yes, but this depends on a number of factors as shown below.

To be honest, every single feeding method comes with its own risk and benefits, all you have to do is find out the right way to feed your dog, regardless of if it is a raw diet or kibble.

This article is purposed to tell you how your dog can partake in eating raw meat with less risk and more benefits.

This article will help you do that.

What Some Vets Had to Say About Raw Meat For Dogs

I spoke with a couple of veterinarians, and what I found out is that some vets believe that raw meat is a good idea for dogs, after all their canine ancestors that hunt the wild fed a lot on raw meat regardless of what people think today.

On the other hand, I also spoke with other vets that just straight-up hate the idea of feeding a dog raw meat.

They consider it to be a high risk because a lot of dog owners that go into this kind of raw dog food don’t have enough idea on how to acquire the right kind of raw meat, how to prepare it for their dogs, and how to store raw meat.

In all of these observations, you simply tell that dogs can eat raw meat and benefit from it but if you don’t handle your raw meat feeding the right way, you might just be feeding your dog bacteria alongside the raw meat.

Raw Meat Is A Dogs Ancestral Way of Feeding

Canines are hunting animals. Until today wolves are still hunting for meat and so are wild dogs. Considering that dogs are descendants of wolves and their similarities are obvious.

It has always been in a dog’s genes to hunt for raw meat and still be safe while benefiting tremendously from the nutrients in the raw meat.

And also canines like dogs have a natural hunger for meat and are naturally designed to digest meat and bones without difficulty, making them efficient carnivores.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat? And What Is The Solution?

Before there was any kind of homemade meal for pets, dogs were already hunting the wild and feeding on nothing but meat. Yes, It is very okay for dogs to eat raw meat but like every other food type, there is a right way to feed your dog raw meat.

Although raw meat alone is not enough balanced diet for dogs. Raw meat contains a wide variety of nutrients which includes proteins, iron, vitamin A and B-complex vitamins phosphorus, zinc, etc.

Though that is not all that dogs need for a properly balanced diet, there is no lie that those are some important nutrients and can become a balanced diet if combined with other food types.

This incomplete nutrition in raw meat for dogs will make raw meat a bad food choice if raw meat is all you feed your dogs.

Incomplete nutrition in raw meat is bad for dogs especially when are still just puppies, so try to add other types of food to their feeding routine to help them have balanced nutrition.

The fact that raw meat can sometimes contain bacteria makes it even worst because puppies have immature immune systems and are unable to fight certain types of bacteria in comparison to adult dogs.

That is why you need a solution on how to prepare raw meat in a way that both dogs and puppies can benefit from it safely

Solution To Feeding Your Dog Raw Meat (Preparation)

The solution to feeding your dogs and puppies raw meat is to cook the raw meat fairly (cook to boiling point), this will help get rid of any available bacteria while still reserving the presence of appropriate nutrients in the meat, and the best part is that fairly cooked raw meat is easily digestible for dogs and puppies especially.

If you overcooked the raw meat past the boiling point or till it gets done, then you would have removed a major amount of the nutrients. although this gets rid of bacteria and makes it quite digestible.

At this point, it is no longer raw meat but homemade cooked meat, either way, dogs can still benefit from gaining muscles from the meat, along with other remaining nutrients.

How Much Raw Meat Should I Feed My Dog?

How much raw meat to feed a dog depends on the dog’s body weight, you should feed your dog raw meat of about 1- 5% of their body weight each day, especially at the puppy stage where they need more muscles.

Adult dogs should take a lesser percentage of raw meat, they can take about 2-3% raw meat each day, while puppies can eat about 3-5% of their body weight in raw meat each day.

This is because puppies need not only the nutrients but also the muscle to help them grow healthy and strong.

If your adult doge is overweight, then reduce the raw meat to about 1-2% of the dog’s body weight but if your dog is underweight then you should increase the amount of meat intake to about 3-5% of his body weight each day.

Please note: make sure the raw meat is fairly cooked before you feed it to a puppy, as they have a weaker digestive system and weaker immune system.

If your dog is allergic in any way you need to learn *What Raw Diet You Can Feed Dogs with Allergies*

Amazing Benefits Of Raw Meat For Dogs

Although kibble boasts of being packed with nutrients that are essential for dogs, it is also important to note that raw meat for a dog for dogs contains not just nutrients but original organic natural nutrients that are unprocessed and without any kind of preservatives.

Raw diets like raw meat, vegetables, eggs, and so on, come with their own risk but this happens when you do not know the right way to prepare it for your dog to eliminate the risk and see the benefits on your dog’s health.

This is why I always recommend you talk to your vet and dog nutritionist about any raw diet option you are looking at for your dog.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of raw meat for dogs.

Boost Dental Health In Dog: Eating raw meat and bones boosts a dog’s dental health because of the presence of calcium, and meat also serves as a toothbrush for dogs. The result is a strong tooth and a clean breath.

This is important if you are like me and always play around with your dog. It is always nice to have a dog with good oral hygiene.

Healthy Dog Coat: Raw meat contain numerous minerals and vitamins. To make a healthy beautiful dog coat, raw meat contains vitamin B complex, Zinc, and Vitamin E which are very essential to achieving a healthy soft beautiful coat in a dog

Easy Digestion: Unlike Kibble that requires a lot of digestive enzymes, raw meat does not require too much to be digested in a dog’s system. Their body is more naturally designed to digest raw food than commercial meals.

This is especially true if your dog has issues with his pancreatitis or has digestion problems.

Raw meat or fairly cooked meat is a good fit for such conditions, I recommend you learn about *The Right Raw Diet For Dogs With Pancreatitis*.

Dangers Of A Raw Meat Dog Diet

Not knowing how to handle raw diets like raw meat for your dog can make raw meat a bad option and disastrous for your pet. Here are some of the dangers of raw meat for dogs.

Presence of bacteria in raw meat

Raw meat contains bacterias like campylobacter, E.coli, Salmonella, and others.

If not prepared the right way, although dogs are capable of surviving the bacterias in it, with time it becomes more accumulated in their system and can actually start giving them problems like diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and even death.

This is why I recommend cooking to a boiling point because at boiling point a lot of bacterias are killed and nutrients are still retained.

How To Safely Feed A Dog Raw Meat

Here are some tips that can make it okay for your dogs to eat raw meat safely.


Always cook the raw meat to a boiling point to help destroy the presence of bacteria in the meat your dogs eat. Those bacterias can cause problems for your dogs.

Feed Large Size Bones only and Abstain from Raw Chicken diet

Dogs can choke on small bones, it is important that you always treat them to large size bones to avoid choking on them.

The raw chicken diet is not always okay for dogs so I prefer you learn about how *How Raw Chicken Diet Affects Dogs* before feeding your dog raw meat from the chicken.

Buy Only Fresh Raw Meat

Pay attention to the type of meat you buy for your dogs, only buy fresh raw meat that is recent and doesn’t have any sort of odd smell or decay smell even the slightest.

The fresher the meat the safer, although you still need to cook for a bit, if you buy only fresh meat it goes a long way in providing safety.

Handle The Raw Meat With Care

Wash your hands before handling the raw meat, and make sure you keep the dog food bowl clean.

Raw Meat Storage

finally, always store in the fridge until it’s time for your dog to eat the raw meat.

Combine Raw Meat With Other Diet To Keep A Balanced Diet For Your Dog

It is true that dogs can eat raw meat, but this is not the only diet that they need.

Dog nutritionists advise that you create a feeding routine that allows your dog to part take in other diets like fruits and vegetables, milk, and eggs.

To help your dog have a balanced diet.


Raw meat diet for dogs can be a bit of an issue if not handled and prepared the right way.

The steps above are to give you the knowledge on how to better handle feeding your dog raw me. And yes, Dogs can eat raw meat safely with the right step.

Please reach out to your vet or dog nutritionist if you notice any allergic reaction or disease, or if you are looking you switch your dog’s feeding from commercial to a raw diet.