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9 Benefits of Raw Dog Food

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Raw Dog Food is slowly being underrated around dog-owning families, and due to how available commercial dog diets are in today’s world,

families are now neglecting the natural amazing benefits that come with a raw dog food diet.

I was one of those that switched totally to commercial dog meal until I saw the effect on my own dog.

At first, it seemed like nothing, but then dogs start growing slim and the constant veterinary visit becomes a thing to battle with,

Dogs on a regular unnatural diet will always lack adequate nutrition that should enable them to stay healthy.

Raw meat, veggies, and fruits are essential to the well-being of a dog……!!!! and I found out the hard way.

When the adverse effect of commercial dog dieting kicks in, they start getting sick and leaving a bad odor behind as they come around to stool.

At this point, some people will include supplements in their dog meal, but this usually doesn’t cut it.

So, if you are looking to switch back to a natural raw diet dog meal and give your dog the diet that they deserve then let’s dive in.

Lets Us Define Raw Dog Meal

Raw Dog Diet is just a fancy way of saying natural meal, it means food or diets that are pure natural like meat, vegetables, fruits, bones, eggs, yogurt, and others.

The term BARF perfectly describes the origin of raw food for dogs, Barf means Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

Yes, this is your average raw food filled with nutrients and minerals, you will be surprised at how much growth and health stability your dog will be losing without the proper raw feeding.

There is also a school of thought that doesn’t think commercial dieting is harmful to our dogs.

But it is not clear if they really believe that, or they are just saying this to sell dog products, but either way, the fact is that processed meal lose a lot of diets and is not all okay for the health of a dog.

Let’s dive into the *benefits and risks of lack of good diet* raw dog food.

Going Back To Basics on Dog Food

The basics of dog food have not changed and will not change. The truth is that before today, dogs used to eat natural meals, and this work before there was any need for veterinary doctors, 

but as time goes on, things changed, now we have sick dogs all over the place, and the numbers keep increasing every day.

There is no doubt that this has a lot to do with the kind of food that dogs eat nowadays, a dog owner must be delivering about what his or her dog ingest or feeds on.

The truth of the matter is natural food has a lot of antibiotics that take care of almost 80% of common diseases that animals fall victim to. 

Vegetables, fat, oil,  vitamins,  etc. are some of the contents of the basic raw food for dogs that have been since before now,  and for obvious reasons, this kind of food has always taken care of our dogs.

Introduction To Commercial Dog Meal Diet

Commercial meals as we see today are supposed to be quickies,  it is just something to keep the dog until when you give them good food,  at least that was the idea.

Although, some say that commercial meals are medicinal, what they don’t tell you is that the processing period does more damage than good as it removes nutrients that are important for the health of a dog.

And this is why a commercial diet meal can never replace a raw dog meal. 

Benefits of Healthy Raw Dog Food

Happy healthy dog in the woods, looking cute

These benefits are heavily essential for a healthy dog, and after reading them you will understand why, and then make adjustments accordingly.

1. Boosting The Immune System

Fruits, Meats, vegetables, Kelps, Garlic, and others like them are very important for the general well-being of our dogs,

when dogs eat meals containing fruits and veggies they gain boosted immune systems. This food contains minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and lots more, which are necessary to stay safe from common diseases.

With the availability of this in the dog’s meal, you will be sure to have kept the dog healthy and strong.

2. General Strong Bone and Healthy Joint

Adding bone to a don diet is very essential, just like in the human body, eating bones or boney meal supplies us with adequate minerals and nutrients that our bones need to stay strong and healthy.

Nutrients like calcium and phosphorous are very essential for general bone strength.

3. Dog Shiny Coat and Soft Skin

Omega 3 fatty acid takes care of a dog’s skin in a way that keeps the dog comfortable in its own skin.

Also, the cuteness that comes with a dog that has shiny skin has a lot to do with the nutrients from the raw food it takes into its system.

Skin inflammatory skin diseases are a big deal for dogs, being that they are pets that spend most of their time lying on the ground and outside the house, and who knows where else!!!

But with a healthy meal from a raw diet rather than a processed meal, dogs will always have enough antibiotics to keep them away from inflammatory skin disease.

4. Healthy Reproductive System

It is no news that proper hydration and healthy nutrition helps blood flow. The type of pups a dog gives birth to has a lot to do with the kind of food they eat.

Dogs That Eat unprocessed meals tend to have more nutrients and adequate hydrated blood cells. 

As a result, these dogs tend to breed healthier Pups than the dogs that just dwell more on commercial diets.

5. Healthy Stool And Healthy Stomach

Processed meals lack nutrients, this is because during the processing period a large chunk of nutrients that is required for a healthy living dog is removed,

and preservatives with chemical compositions are used to keep this commercial food for a long period.

When your dog ingests this preserved diet they sometimes find themselves having unhealthy stool, and if you are not paying attention to this fact it keeps getting worse until the proper adjustments are made.

During the digestion of unhealthy meals that contain fillers, some meals like corn and potatoes can block the digestive system thereby resulting in a huge poop and with bad odor.

This spoils the stomach and can even cause constipation for the animal if not checked.

But raw meals contain low carbohydrates that will not cause blockage, or increase stool size.

How this works is that the earlier the stool time reaches for a dog the cleaner the belly, and this means that if there is a blockage, the stool will take a longer time to come out and thereby cause a bad odor whenever the dog finally drops it.

6. Clean Healthy Dentition (Teeth)

High-carbohydrate meal affects the dental hygiene of a dog, it is important to pay attention to the kind of carbohydrate filled meal or diet your dog ingest daily, as this will have a direct effect on the dental hygiene of the dog.

Raw dog food like meat and cereal has the quality of helping the dog remove unwanted materials like plaques from its teeth, 

this can be said to be a godsend phenomenon, but yet it is up to us to employ required efforts by providing raw meaty food to help keep their teeth become clean and strong.

7. Energy Boosting in Dogs

There is no surprise that raw dog food provides a boost in a dog’s energy level, this is because raw diet contains pure carbohydrates, unlike processed meals that sometimes have low carbohydrate levels.

Carbohydrates are needed for a dog to have a profound level of energy, sometimes this can contribute to a dog’s dull mood.

Oftentimes you will see highly energetic dogs jumping around in joy and happiness, this has a lot to do with the kind of food they eat.

This is no surprise because high and low animals have the same level of operation when it comes to the connection of the food they eat to their mood at every given time.

8. Puppy Growth

This is one of the most important reasons for dogs and puppies. Puppies have tender systems, it is very unhealthy to feed puppy processed meals as a diet for growth. 

Oftentimes, a puppy’s growth depends a lot on the food they are fed. Process meal diet does not have the required nutrients that a youngling needs To grow into a healthy and strong dog.

With such a tender system, puppies are not able to digest processed meals easily, neither are they able to defecate such a diet,

and then there is also the case of inappropriate nutrition.

So it is advisable to always feed them raw organic diet meals to help in their growth process.

The Best Types Of Raw Dog Food For Healthy Dogs and Puppies

  • Fruit for Vitamins
  • Muscle meat, often still on the bone.
  • Eggs are great
  • Homemade Raw Food Remains
  • Bones, either whole or ground.
  • Meats like livers and kidneys
  • Vegetables including spinach and broccoli
  • Dairy, like Cheese, cream, yogurt

How Much Raw Food To Feed Dog

The amount of raw food to feed my dog has never been a question I asked myself, and this is because, if humans need healthy food every day, then there should be no limit to the amount of raw food to feed a dog.

As long as a dog lives there is a need for body nutrients to keep the dog healthy and strong, this is very essential especially to the health of puppies.

As many vegetables as required,  as much meat as required,  as many foods containing minerals and vitamins as required. 

All this and more are important for dog nutrients and for the reproduction of healthy pups.

The Happy Feeling Of Breeding A happy Dog

The feeling of having a happy dog Is beautiful. Every dog lover wants to have a dog that is healthy and strong, regardless of if it is a guard dog or a home dog.

There is still a joy that comes with knowing that the dog is healthy and strong. So, Raw Dog Food comes with a lot of benefits.

The result of deliberate care when it comes to the kind of food dogs eat is a healthy bone, strong teeth, a happy mood, fleshy skin, and excellent overall well-being.

Finally, if you notice any issues with your dog, do not depend on your knowledge or feeding style only,  take your dog to a vet and be sure of the situation before attempting to solve it.

Let me know your experience with your pet,  and if any of these tips were helpful to you.