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Things To Know About Raw Diet For Dogs

Raw dog food for beginners is always difficult to understand without help from people that have been doing it for a while.

Not that I am an expert, but as time went by I noticed that experience is important in something like this.

Perhaps some of these tips might help open your eyes to some expected and unexpected things to look out for while switching your dog diet to raw feeding, especially as a beginner.

Raw Dog Diet Tips you Might Find Interesting

1. Barf Feeding And Prey Feeding

These are two main raw dog feeding methods commonly used today. Prey feeding is a type of raw food that involves feeding a dog in the same style that their ancestors did.

This includes giving them only meat to eat without adding other types of nutritious food like vegetables or another type of meal that is not meat.

BARF feeding, on the other hand, includes feeding your dog a variety of meals per time or a combination of meals at once, Barf process helps the dog gain other nutrients like carbohydrates and vitamins, and minerals, rather than just meat or protein.

2. Not too many people give their dog raw food

Many people don’t pay attention to things like feeding dogs a raw diet. sometimes, this could be because they don’t know about it, other times, it is just plain ignorance. a lot of people have dogs for a lot of reasons, and the reason a person has a dog goes a long way to telling how they take care of the dog.

3. Meat is a dogs toothbrush

With all the food that dogs consume, have you ever wondered how they don’t get toothaches as humans do, and yet you don’t see them brushing their teeth? Well, this is because eating meat helps remove plaques in a dog’s teeth.

4. There is no “pro” when it comes to a raw diet for dogs

See, just because you found out what works for you doesn’t mean you are now a professional when it comes to giving your dog a raw diet, trust me each dog comes with a different prescription and worst of it all is that they can get bored of a specific diet just like humans do.

5. People fear that raw food can turn a dog into a beast

Am not very sure this is true, although dogs can be aggressive, it doesn’t have anything to do with the food they eat, rather it has a lot to do with how you train the dog.

For example, if you always take your dog for a walk around strangers, with time the dog will become familiar with strangers, but if your dog never gets close to a stranger, don’t be surprised when you see it being aggressive.

Keep in mind that most times, dogs are aggressive because they detect fear or strangers. So, if you are looking to avoid aggressive dogs, take them for walks at least once a week or even every day if you are okay with it.

6. Only add supplement with discretion

Adding supplements to a dog’s diet is not such a bad idea, but some people overdo it. I keep telling my friends that the system of a dog is not all that different from the system of a man.

When you add supplements, give space of days, weeks, or even months before adding again, or at least talk to your vet for prescriptions. Do not do it because you see other people doing it.

7. Some places still don’t accept fully the importance of raw diet feeding

Some places still don’t think, raw food for dogs is a thing to even take seriously. I tell you, they are missing a lot. still, there are some places in the world that don’t even have the availability of an adequate raw diet for their dogs.

So, the only type of raw diets these dogs have is the ones they get from hunting prey and stuff.

8. Brands are doing what they can to sabotage raw dog diets

It’s no surprise that brands are not in support of raw feeding for dogs, I mean, they have to find a way to sell their own product, and because they have the resources to make commercial meals available, it is even more difficult to get the chance to try out raw food.

Commercial meals are cheap and readily available, but a raw diet is available if you cook it, or let the dogs hunt it, and it’s more expensive too in some places.

9. Change your dog feeding cycle.

Dogs also get bored of raw food or even any food really. It’s just a matter of time, so it’s best to try out new cycles from time to time. This doesn’t mean you have to go outside your budget, just the little changes or addition can do a lot of magic.

10. AAFCO Board is governed by Dog Food Brand

AAFCO is supposed to be the pet food standard organization, but if they are the ones setting the standards for a balanced diet for pets like dogs, why then is it headed by brands.

it’s only normal for brands to use this as a way of selling products, at least this is my fear.

I mean if you talk about balanced food, I don’t know if any food can be more balanced than the average natural prey, veggies, eggs, etc. I’m just thinking out loud.

11. Chicken can be cheap

Whenever am on a budget I capitalize on the fact that chicken is cheap, and the best part of it is that dogs love chicken, this is just one of the best ways to cut down cost, and you can always be able to supply your dog with the best of protein if you feed them chicken.

12. Conscious of dogs that eat bones

Maybe am just suspicious, but I do sometimes have a bad feeling when my dog eats bones, I use to ask, what happens when he can’t find bones.

I hope it doesn’t jump the first free bone he sees, and it does sound funny to me but this is why I always keep my eyes on it when I feed him bones.

13. Raw Diet for dogs could be uncertain at first

As a beginner I sometimes doubt if am sure of what am doing when it comes to giving my dog raw diets, I won’t lie, I felt I was doing it all wrong.

What made it worst was that I was getting a lot of advice from a lot of people and yet still not sure they know what they are saying. Some will say give him bones, others will say give him fleshy meats, and some will suggest I always find a way to feed it eggs so that it will grow fat and huge.

So yes I did try a lot of things. But when I started getting a hang of it, I just went ahead to combine meals, maybe protein in the morning and veggies at night.

This all depends on what kind of dog you have, also, my vet came in handy at the beginning of my journey to switching my dog meal to a raw dog diet meal.

14. Some people think they know more than vets

I have met a couple of friends that won’t take their dogs to a vet for any reason, I mean, not that I judge, I just feel that even humans need a doctor, I might be wrong, I don’t know, but I think vets play a huge role in the success of our dog’s diet.

Keep in my mind, just because you try out something and it works, doesn’t mean you are now an expert.

15. Combining raw meal and homemade

I find that when I switch meals for my dog and combine homemade cooked delicacy and raw meals, it kind of gives me the sense of improvement in my dog’s diet.

Maybe it’s just me but I found that when I combine meals, he seemed a lot happier to finish the meal.

Then again, this might not work for everybody.

16. Raw diet definitely has an effect on dog stool

Poops look different when you place your dog on a raw dog diet type of meal. this should be expected if you are looking to take that route.

I also try to make sure that my dog stays hydrated when he eats, the truth is I love staying hydrated and I assume it might be the same for my cute dog, am not even kidding.

17. Do a little research of your own

With all the advice out there for dog owners, I have found that nothing beats a little 10 minute or 20 minutes research of your own, so a lot of people already see themself as experts, and they forget that a lot of things influence the result you get from a particular style of feeding.

Things that can influence your raw dog diet routine are your family type, your job, the weather, the available diet, the government, etc.

So I try to keep this in mind when I do my research.

18. Hanging Out with other people that practice raw dog diet

One of the best places I get the best tips on feeding my dog is when I hung out with some of the other guys that practice raw diets for their own dogs.

With them, you are getting first-hand advice, simply because some of them have been doing this for years.

in my opinion, nothing beats experience.

19. Ground meat is not a bad idea

So, I started testing out meat grinders on my dog just to see what it looks like, but the first meat grinder I got was nothing like what I expected.

It wasn’t a clean grind, so I had to get get a new one. meat grinders help me combine different varieties of meals for my dog.

So if you are looking to try this out, do remember to get a quality grinder, some just plain suck

20. Sharing my food with my dog

For me, I am happiest when I eat and he comes around to sit by my side, it’s really cute. So, I sometimes just drop a bit of my meal just to see how he reacts, and most often than not he enjoys the meal so well that sometimes I have to make his own special.

Tell me about the time you ever experience any of the list above… and what your reaction looked like.